Work Life Balance: If your work is not life, why should you do it?

work life balance

I find it quite interesting that everyone looks at work and life as being two very distinct and separate entities. I don’t think I could agree with this at all. A work life balance shouldn’t be about prioritizing one over the other. They should come together and blend synergistically. Working together as one.

Work Life Balance

If you don’t love your work in which you are currently engaged, then I think it may be time to look for something new. I mean I do very much realize many of “just need a job”. Often we take any job and there is nothing wrong with that, for a while … We have bills to pay. Food to put on the table and a roof to keep over our heads. It doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in your current job. Whatever that job might be.

A job in which you aren’t happy and doesn’t blend with your life should be considered a Stepping Stone while you plan what comes next. If you are looking for some ideas why not give these a read, “14 Ways to Work from Home & Make Money Online“, “Survey Sites to Join for Extra Money“, “Enhance Your Skills for $24 (or even FREE)“, “8 Resources to Make Money Online“, Beginners Tips to Making Money at Home” and “Fiverr is Keeping Me Busy“. They may just be what you need to spur a few ideas of your own. If you don’t want to work from home, they are still a good starting point. Just recently I said “Screw the Cubicle” and I don’t regret ever having said it!

Consider this, if you are trying to balance work and life, the scale will always tip one way or the other. Sometimes work wins and other times it will be life. How much you want to make a bet that WORK wins more often than life? Is this what you call balance? And why is it that work wins? Because we need the money. It is just that simple. That’s not work life balance though. This is a lifetime of misery and getting up in the morning doing something you just don’t like.

Work IS Your Life

Each and every day we do our work. Whether we work from home, online, in an office or factory. That work IS our life. We spend a great deal of time each and every day towards this “work”. Most of us work at least 8 hours, some of us even 12-16 hours each day. Why would you think that work is not your life? Between the hours spent working and the additional hours spent sleeping, there sure as heck isn’t very much time left to spend on your LIFE now is there?

I find that it is VERY WRONG for people to spend five days working and two days living LIFE!

What if one day there was NO WORK, would life happen if there was no work? Would there just be life and life balance? Things that really make you go Hmm. Life is short we all know that. We should enjoy every moment. We don’t need a work life balance. We need to have work as part of our life and life as part of our work.

If Work is NOT your LIFE Why Should You Do It?

I can see only one reason behind this insanity and that of course is for the money. I know I’ve done it too. You aren’t the only one. However if we have a look at the stats mental illness is certainly on the rise in the workplace. People are not enjoying themselves. They aren’t going to work willingly. They simply don’t LOVE what they do. Every article is about balancing work life.

Forget the balancing act and find something you love. When you love what you do, you are a willing participant. It entangles you in every way. You feel it in your bones. You lust for it each night and day.

Not So Long Ago Work Life Balance was an Every Day Occurrence

Once upon a time when our ancestors worked the land and created crafty products to sell or trade, hunted in exchange for other fruits and vegetables from nearby farms; we knew then about work life balance. The entire family was involved.

Family conversations took place. They revolved around what we were doing. Our successes and our failures. Our plans for the future. Our work life balance stemmed greatly from these conversations of people we trusted. Friends, sons, daughters, in-laws, they build a completely different level of trust. The insights were from people who loved you and wanted you to succeed in life. Family would get together and discuss over dinner or a nice fire. Why can’t these conversations take place?

The whole family may not have been directly involved in your work, as the men may hunt while the women knitted but everyone spoke about their work and their work was their life. It was meaningful. It can still be this way today. We just have to make some adjustments in our way of thinking.

Work life balance is not required when work is your life! And life is your work!

I find it sad that we do not live life seven days each week and take pride in doing so.

Am I making you rethink your next steps? I hope so. If this article could change just one person I would be very happy indeed. Please feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments section. I look forward to your input, your desires, your steps that you are actively taking and so much more.