14 Ways to Work From Home & Make Money Online

Work from Home

Are you interested to work from home? There are many reasons why you might want to. Everything from being a stay-at-home mom, to not being able to drive to work, to living in a remote area, to preferring to be your own boss. In this post I will show you 14 different ways to work from home. In the comfort of your PJ’s with a cup of coffee in hand. You can earn as little or as much as you want! Now imagine that.

I love being able to work online. It provides me with so many freedoms that I otherwise would not have. I save money every day since I don’t require a vehicle, I don’t need the fancy office clothes and I don’t need to go out to “lunches” and participate in “special gatherings”. These are just a few of the upsides¬†when you work from home. Another big bonus of course is the opportunity come tax time; to claim what¬†expenses you¬†have as a tax write-off.

There are plenty of legitimate ways that you can work from home full time or at very minimum earn some extra cash each month. Who knows, you may start by working part time online and find yourself transitioning to a full time, work from home career. So let’s get on with it. Let me show you 14 different¬†ways to work from home, making money online.

Create a Blog to Work From Home

Whether your intention is just to make a few extra dollars a month or to make a full time living from blogging, let me tell you it is possible. There are tens of thousands of bloggers who make blogging a full time career. How much money can you really make from blogging? I will answer this in more detail in another post. However let me tell you that you can earn a six-figure income! Now how does that sound?

Don’t know what to blog about? I am fairly sure that if you take a look at your interests, hobbies, things you enjoy doing, perhaps even your current career; you will find plenty of topics in a niche that others would be interested in reading and hearing about.

But how do I make money from blogging? There are many different ways to accomplish this goal and you will find each blogger has their own method. Often times utilizing a combination of methods to earn income while they work from home.

Knowing the types of streams of income may help to spark ideas. However I would like to point out one thing. That is if you monetize too early, before you have¬†built your blog, you may risk damaging your reputation. After all the “brand” in your blog is YOU.

10 Ways to make money from a blog:

  1. Display Ads
  2. Private Ads
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Reviews
  5. Partnerships
  6. Giveaways
  7. Products: eBooks, courses, webinars, dvds, merchandise
  8. Services: coaching, training, consulting
  9. Continuity programs: community forums, mentoring
  10. Membership

Making money from blogging is actually quite straightforward. All you really have to do is create a solid foundation for becoming a successful blogger.

Work from Home in Customer Service

For a work from home position in customer service you will need: a computer, a phone and high speed Internet service at minimum. In this position you would work for a call center and phone calls from their customers are routed to you. Generally the pay ranges anywhere from minimum wage to $15 per hour.

To work in this field you likely require some sort of customer service background. Whether that would be in a call center or retail or even in a restaurant. You should be friendly, a good listener and have the ability to handle upset customers without losing your patience.

Jobs to work from home in the customer service industry can be located through job boards, directly through companies and local search sites like Kijiji and Craigslist.

Here are a few customer service job links to get you started:

You may also want to consider VoIP (voice over IP). Those are the pop ups that you see on websites. I’m sure you’ve seen these. They will usually read something like, Click for a Live Agent.

Become a Virtual Assistant and Work from Home

Virtual assistants can help any business run more efficiently. Saving the business owner both time and money. What does a virtual assistant do? There are quite a few things actually, so many in fact I’m not sure I could list all the things you could provide others to work from home. Here is a short list of some of the tasks for a virtual assistant:

  • bookkeeping
  • research
  • database entry
  • social media management
  • presentations
  • handling emails
  • travel research: booking flights, managing agendas etc
  • locate other business opportunities
  • write content
  • update websites
  • calendar management
  • keep an eye on the industry
  • create board reports … and so much more

Where does a virtual assistant advertise that he/she is offering these services or find clients?

  • start by using your past employers
  • advertise on sites like Fiverr
  • use social media groups like LinkedIn
  • job boards and classifieds like Craigslist and Kiji

With a little effort it can be quite easy to start your career and work from home as a virtual assistant. Just think, you don’t need to have only local clients either. With email, Internet, Google Docs etc your clients can be half-way around the world!! You don’t even need to see them or ever step foot inside an office.

Work from Home Selling Products

This idea covers quite a large spectrum. There are many ways you can sell products and make money online. The products you choose to sell could be something you’ve created yourself OR products you’ve purchased for less and sell at a higher markup.

If you are crafty you might decide that opening a store online through Etsy or eBay might be the right avenue for you to take. Another option you may use is Shopify or create your own online ecommerce website.

You could visit auctions, yard sales and thrift stores. Find products worth more money than the seller asks and resell these items at a profit. At one time I made quite a bit of money using eBay so I can tell you this is a side hustle that is worth your time and effort.

You might decide that you would rather write a book or create a course. You can sell these products on Amazon and online bookstores or places like Udemy.

In order to sell items online and work from home you will need the following: a computer, Internet, a camera (yes, even your smart phone will do) and of course the finished product.

Make Money Online as a Tutor

Whether your subject is Math, Science, Art, Foreign Languages or whatever else, there are tons of opportunities¬†for you to earn extra money and work from home. You can set your own hours and your own rates. Best of all, you don’t necessarily require any teaching degrees or degrees or any sort.

You can begin offering your services through your own website; however at first you may wish to use tutoring websites to find clients for you fast. Using an established website will allow you to reach a much wider audience and potential customer base. The following websites can assist in getting you started.

  1. TutorVista.com
  2. Tutor.com
  3. Upwork.com (formerly Elance)
  4. Craigslist.org
  5. Fiverr.com

How much money can a tutor make? That answer depends on quite a few factors such as the subject area, your skills, course structure, your competitors pricing, target geographical location etc. Private tutors can earn significantly more money within their field. Have a look at this article from Side Hustle Nation, “How to Earn 6-Figures Teaching Online Part-Time

Create a Resume Business and Work from Home

This is another avenue for creating an income stream I’ve used in the past and still do today¬†while I work form home. You will require a knack for writing, have good grammar and spelling skills as well as a creative side to you to provide¬†professional resume services.

The minimum requirements would be a computer and social media accounts so that clients can contact you. Finding clients is actually quite simple. You can start by contacting or connecting with local colleges and universities. Each year when school lets out there are plenty of students who will require revising and updating of their current resumes. I’ve used local school newspapers to advertise. Sometimes for free and other times for a minimal fee. You still don’t have to physically see anyone if you don’t want to. I personally never have. My clients contact me and send their information via email. Once I work on their resumes I send them back copies in both WORD and PDF formats.

There are other ways you can get your first clients too without going after them and that is by signing up with websites whose clients will contact you instead. Here are some sites you might want to register with or advertise on.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Kijiji
  • Craigslist
  • Newsgroups

You can also advertise your services on social media using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Word of mouth is also one of the best ways to gain new clients. I always ask my clients to help spread the word. New clients are more likely to use your services if they come recommended from someone they know and trust.

Work from Home as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can certainly be a fun way to make money online if you enjoy writing. In order to practice your writing skills you can start by creating your own blog. This is also one way for future employers to see your writing skills first hand and to see if your writing style will work for them or not. Creating a blog is great way to create a point of contact. If you don’t have a blog yet you will need to have some social accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebbook as a means for clients to connect with you.

How to find your first clients? One way is to start applying for jobs on job boards. This may not work for everyone since anyone can apply for these jobs and freelance writing is quite a competitive field. For some writers though this avenue works quite well. Personally, I started my freelance writing career with previous employers and former clients. I’ve also used Fiverr to locate new clients and have written articles in a variety of fields. Everything from¬†creating¬†content on newspaper association websites, to creating content for dating websites to writing recipes and more. I guess this is one of the reasons I enjoy freelance writing. Jobs never seem to be the same and usually I learn something new from each blog post or article I write. I love expanding my own experiences through this avenue.

Here are a few job boards to get you started today:

Deciding what to charge may be difficult at first. Be sure when you set your rate to allow time for research and revisions. Some freelance writers will start as low as $5 for a short article like those you can find on Fiverr; however even these writers can up-sell you and charge more based on a number of factors. If you have good writing skills you can start setting a rate around $40 per hour. I know of some freelance writers who write guests posts for a minimum of $250 per blog post and depending on pageviews etc can and do charge upwards of over $1000 per article.

Work from Home with Airbnb

This option may be a little different and perhaps even unexpected by some of you. But if¬†you have an extra room in your house or maybe you intend to travel and won’t be home for a time. Why not turn that space into extra income with Airbnb? It’s a pretty cool way to earn some extra income and meet interesting people from all around the world.

Some people have made enough money using this method to cover their own rent and mortgage payments by hosting Airbnb guests. You could even work online, travel the globe AND rent your current living quarters to ensure you have a place to come home to when you decide to return. Sounds pretty awesome right?

Offer Online Coaching Services

There are all kinds of coaching services you could offer. Work from home as a Wellness Coach, a Life Coach, an Executive Coach or perhaps a Leadership Coach just to name a few.

You can get started fairly quickly by registering with sites like Clarify.fm and earn up to $60 an hour or more. There are coaches for practically every area of expertise. What are you an expert in that others may pay for your advice?

Work Online as a Graphic Designer

Quality graphic designers are always in demand. Whether this is to create a company logo, infographics, a website design and more. You can sell your skills using one of the sites below or by creating your own web presence and advertising your website.

  • Crowdsping
  • 99designs
  • Witmart

You can find jobs for graphic design work at home quite easily by searching job boards like Freelancer.ca

Senior graphic designers average $78,000 per year and more. What a great way to work from home!

Work from Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are specialists in medical language and healthcare documentation. They interpret and transcribe dictation by doctors, physicians as well as other healthcare providers. Many transcriptionists work from home as independent contractors. Some employers that hire medical transcriptionists include:

  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Lakeridge Health
  • Region of Waterloo
  • Living Arts Medical Centre
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Joseph Brant Hospital

To get started in this field you will most likely require certification. Certification can be obtained within a year. You will also require a decent typing speed of at least 40 net words per minute. If you enjoy working in the health industry, this is a very rewarding career in which many earn a living working online from their homes.

Become a Wedding Coordinator / Planner

Are you a great organizer and planner? Love working with people? This might be the career you’ve been looking for to work from home. Now granted often this field is managed within a local area but it doesn’t have to be. In fact you can arrange everything by working online and from home. You will need to do a lot of research on the venues, ensuring the places you recommend to your clients are both within their budget, yet also suitable.

To land your first clients you may wish to send out direct mailers to those “just-engaged” or to people you know who are getting married. Be sure to take lots of photos on your setup, the reception table, decorations, cake etc. These are items that will make up your portfolio. You can also create your own website as a way of connecting with both current and future clientele.

Though you do not require certifications for this, you may find it useful to obtain a degree in event planning or a certification in hospitality. Some training programs only take a few months to complete and cost as little as $97. Income for wedding coordinators varies greatly from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Some coordinators find themselves earning more than $100K per year. Read this valuable post “Wedding Planner Salary” for more information.


Podcasting in another fine way to earn money online while working from home. A podcast is a form of digital media that consists of a series of audio, PDF, video or ePub files. Subscribers can download them to their desktop or mobile devices. There are many different ways to monetize your podcast similar to that of creating your own blog (see above). Some of the top ways to promote your podcast include:

  • using Social Media (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook)
  • create a website with a strong Call To Action for your podcast
  • expand your reach¬†with iTunes and YouTube
  • include the podcast in a Google profile
  • create a podcast only RSS feed
  • create an account with Miro Guide, DoubleTwist, Stitcher and BluBrry

Earning income potential for podcasters is just as varied as for bloggers. Sky is virtually the limit.

Work from Home Selling Your Very Own T-Shirts

Using a platform like Teespring you can custom design and sell your very own shirts right through their website. If you can create an awesome design and reach the right market through effective advertising you can do really well with this idea. Imagine sitting behind a computer all day thinking up designs!!

As far as earning potential goes, the sky is the limit. From this article on Get Busy Living, “How I‚Äôve Profited $100K Online in Just 5 Months This Year” you can see how one person¬†launched his business and netted over $100,000 in just five¬†months.

Final Words — “Work from Home & Making Money Online”

All the ideas above can and do work! They have been proven successful by many others seeking income¬†either part time or full time by making money online and¬†working from their homes. The one thing they all have in common though is this … NEVER GIVE UP! You may find yourself failing once, twice, maybe thirty times before something clicks. But where there is a will, there is a way.

I’ve run several successful businesses both past and present. Some were full time and others were as another income stream to supplement my monthly earnings. Through all the frustrations and lack of results I still enjoy being self-employed. Work from home allows me so many freedoms.¬†I can’t imaging doing anything else.

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