Weekend recap …

Status Update

What an absolutely fantastic weekend we had here. Saturday was more or less a day we spent at home. Nice home cooked meals, focused on a varied of aspects of work, more like getting things organized and ready for the week to follow. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you stop procrastinating and actually do¬†what you know needs to be done.

By evening we settled in to catching up on watching The Walking Dead; yup we are slightly behind on all our TV series and movies since we’ve been quite busy focusing on side hustles, de-cluttering the house, and organizing room by room.

bacon and eggs

Breakfast Special ~ Bacon & Eggs

Sunday wasn’t planned ahead of time, we kinda enjoy flying by the seat of our pants. We woke up and decided we would splurge on our budget since neither of us felt like cooking and we figured it was high time that we went outside of the house for a good meal. We drove¬†to 10 Acre Truck Stop in Belleville and ordered a great breakie. Because we decided to head out, we also¬†ran¬†into a group of old friends and chatted for a bit.

This small action gave us the chance to discuss some things we had actually forgotten about.

BLT sandwich

BLT and Homefries ~ Good Choice!

Always amazes me when you take one little step, how it then leads to another and another. Which is why I advocate that the Time to do something is NOW. It doesn’t have to be the “right” thing or not even the “one” thing you want to do, just do something; take action and see where it leads. You’d be surprised on the new ideas that come from simply taking that first step.

After breakfast we grabbed a FREE xlarge coffee that we won with Tim’s “roll up the rim to win” and headed for home. An xlarge is enough for both of us to have two cups during the day, since we love our coffee but don’t usually have more than a cup or two.

Our grown kids decided by now to head out for Super Bowl Sunday at another friends’ house … so guess what? Home alone, aaahhh !! How amazing it that? Well for us that means we can do what we want where we want. ūüėČ OK ya besides that and I’m not saying we didn’t do that LOL, we also had the ability to walk around naked and we LOVE doing that!! It’s part of the freedom that we so much value and crave. (actually they are planning their move, so another month or two and empty nesters here we come)


Karaoke Night ~ Making our Selections

We talked a lot and thought about doing work but then thankfully decided we’ve worked hard all week and “work” could wait a few hours more. Downstairs we went and cranked up the Karaoke system. Woohoo, whoopidy doo!!

There’s a time to work and a time to SING¬†and DANCE¬†your ass off too!! Taking time for yourself is just as important. It rejuvenates every fiber in your body and makes you feel alive. Having fun keeps the enthusiasm going. It can’t all be work and no play.

Few hours later, and some pretty raunchy throats by then, we called it quits. By now it was already 10 pm and with hubby having to work the next day we headed for bed. Unfortunately was one of those nights where you want to sleep but your brain has other ideas. We got up once more, talked, paced, drank water and took some Valerian. Time to shut down the brain and get our needed shut eye.

What a GREAT WEEKEND we had; filled with laughter, work and play!

What did you do? Did you find time to unwind?

Let me know in the comments below.¬†Till next time ….. have a great week doing what matters most to YOU!