Let’s Get You Up to Speed


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I’ve decided that before I can blab on about what is happening in the here and now, it might be nice to “bring you all up to speed” and provide some background details so that you don’t think this all just happened overnight. 😉

So …. onward …    

Life’s good. You’re a teen. You go to school, you study, you graduate. You’ve accumulated some debt already. Then you get married and have a few kids.  Spend the next 20+ years raising them (more debts) and not thinking so much of yourself.

All of a sudden your kids are grown and graduating and you want to get a new outfit only to realize somewhere in all those years you didn’t pay much attention to yourself and grew three sizes. WOW that was the final wake up call. I’m not going to purchase my new outfit in the next size up!

The tears start and depression sets in. It’s not long and drawn out though but enough to make you realize that there is no time like the NOW to do something about it.

Like everything it’s easy to spend money and not make it … it’s easy to put on the pounds not lose them …. it’s easy to talk negatively and not so much to see the good. Are you seeing this pattern too? Well it’s time for a change, if you want to live a long and healthy life, cause as you might know we have only one life to live and one body to live it in.

Upon arrival at home you discuss with your family your new goals. Determined that there are big changes ahead. Telling them that they are either in or they can go their own way but I wouldn’t be the one cooking special meals or making special arrangements one way for them and another for me. I knew that I couldn’t do that.

So without dieting in mind or particularly … weight loss … you start to make your lifestyle changes. Slowly but surely, you cut out the 1 L bottles of pop, you drink herbal teas and lots of water often with lemon etc. You look in your pantry and start to replace all the “bad” prepackaged foods with healthier alternatives. Slowly you move to cutting out lots of sugar, white / brown it doesn’t matter, it’s all the same ….so instead you go to coconut sugar and oil, buy maple syrup, real honey and some stevia and cane sugar so that you can take that alternative to work and on the road.


Changes Throughout the Years

Eating healthier foods. Reading the labels and sticking to more non-processed foods like fruits and vegetables with whole grains. Shopping in the grocery stores is getting a little easier now. Simply staying to the outer edges of the store will provide the healthiest of alternatives. Just think it’s fruit and veg, to the meat (ya packaged meat and nitrates watch out) but I get organ meats and chicken still, pork and beef too, followed by dairy products (ya again we cut out the milk completely now) but I buy compressed cottage cheese and kefir instead, follow that edge around and you come to the breads (ok forget white / brown, enriched or even the gluten free crap) go for the rye and if possible make your own.

Making meals at home most of the days with healthy foods and knowing the ingredients inside each meal and even taking these with us to work the next day, both saves money $$$ and our nutrition levels go way up.

Pounds come off without much effort. Portion control helps a lot. But we weren’t by any means exercise buffs, other than walks daily at the boardwalk or around the neighbourhood trails. Supplementing ourselves with best vitamins and minerals. Ran lab tests and the results showed what’s needed most. In 2014 we had a baseline done and WOW vitamin D almost non-existent and the B12 was right along side. Of course we added a few others in there because they work synergistically together. We turned to supplements that were easily absorbed by the body, so liquid forms in oil base, sublingual which means they dissolve under the tongue and lypospheric which means that they are encapsulated (highly recommend these, see LivOn for details)

By Jan. 2014 surgery is scheduled for full abdominoplasty to tuck in that mummy tummy that won’t leave. Recovery is long slow road. Exercise begins to rebuild lost muscle. Another year passes. And it wasn’t an easy year, emotionally and physically it was the greatest challenge ever!

Fast forward to Dec. 2015 things are going great and down good 55 lbs now. Yes everyone notices. 😉

Body now needs some contouring, so time to increase the yoga and resistance training with weights. That’s how 2016 will start out for us.

Plus 2016 has some new plans too. I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism these past few months. With the last child making plans to move out by spring 2016 it’s time to de-clutter our lives. Much is being passed on to the kids who need it. After all, only two of us will be left at home.

2016 Accountability:

  1. continue to eat healthy small portions
  2. continue with vit/min supplements
  3. de-clutter material excess stuff (sell/give away/toss)
  4. step up the exercise weights and resistance
  5. quit smoking (yup another biggie) go to vaping then cut down
  6. clear Credit Card debt
  7. seek new employment opportunities (incl. side projects)

So now the next posts I make in the “My Journey” category will be on living in the now, enjoying life, simple pleasures, weight loss and nutrition, some debt repayment plans and basically getting on track for not only a new year but a new chapter in our lives.

Looking forward to being held accountable and sharing it with all of you.

Lots of love, Irene