The Simplistic Kitchen


Have you ever noticed that your kitchen has multiple small appliances in it that all can accomplish the same task? How can you decide what to keep and what to discard?

It’s actually a fairly simple task once you get the hang of it.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you may already own.

  • food chopper, slicer, food processor and cheese grater (instead of these items replace them with a good quality knife and hand held grater)
  • wok, indoor grill, non-stick fry pans (one good quality cast-iron skillet)
  • deep fryer, electric roaster, microwave (quality toaster oven)

Once you start to replace the multiple small appliances that do virtually the same thing with only one item in your kitchen you will notice how much space you are saving and how much simpler it becomes to decide which appliance to use since you’ll only own one and don’t have a multitude to choose from.

Now you’ve just accomplished one of the major tasks in simplifying a kitchen. You need to keep it that way!

My advice to keep things tidy: Think before you shop!

Yes you need to become more of a proactive shopper rather than a reactive one.

If you see something in a store you like, go home, think about it. Does it serve a purpose that no other item in your kitchen already handles? Do you really need it or did you just think it was cool?

Wait a week on it. If by next week you haven’t forgotten about it or you haven’t changed your mind, then go back and make the purchase. If by any chance the item isn’t there just think of it as a positive sign. The sign is that it wasn’t meant to be and if you hadn’t seen it that particular day you would have survived without it anyway.