The Revenant ~ Movie Review

The Revenant Movie Review

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the part of Glass. He is an experienced tracker who joins a US military expedition along the Missouri river to establish a lucrative fur-trapping base. Things of course go very wrong when he sets out ahead of the group only to get mauled by a bear.
Now I have to interject this part, the bear scene did have a sense of fakeness about it to me. I mean I know it’s animated and all but there was one part in particular where it looked choppy and digitalized.

Anyway be prepared for a fairly brutal scene. Ultimately his men catch up with him and do their best to stitch him up as they all need to push forward.

Unfortunately the climate and the terrain make it impossible to carry a man in such bad condition on a man-made stretcher with them. Ultimately they decide to leave him behind as he is “almost dead” or basically they believe he will perish soon.

Two men are paid extra money to stay behind and care for him, of course once they are in charge the one man comes up with a story to scare the other into leaving Glass behind to die.

revenantThe rest of the movie shows Glass’ strong will to survive, based around his wife’s saying “As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe. Keep breathing.” He shows us just what a strong man he is. I’m absolutely sure that I could not have done what he did. I froze coming out of the theater heading to the car; ok, well I was only wearing yoga pants and not layers of animal furs. LOL

Not only is Glass mauled by a bear, but surely breaks bones going off a cliff, survives against the elements, suffers from hypothermia after being taken down a river, fends for food in the oddest of places and all while his own body is still trying to heal.

There is plenty of action in this movie and a great story behind it. Some scenes were a bit brutal so keep this in mind if you’re the squeamish kind. Plenty of blood and guts alike.

One nice thing about this film too is that it didn’t require nor did it have a whole lot of talking. The scenes were self-explanatory and you could tell by his expressions just what was going on.

Final thoughts: The Revenant gets a thumbs up from me. I would be happy to recommend you seeing this movie.

Have you seen this movie too? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.