Survey Sites to Join for Extra Money

Survey Sites

One of the ways I’ve earned extra money online was by taking part in free online survey sites. Now granted I didn’t make millions by doing this but it was a nice side hustle that brought in some extra income for relatively easy work.

If your intention is to make some decent money doing this then my suggestion is to sign up for as many sites as you can. This way you will be able to complete several surveys each week. Especially for those of us here in Canada I find that the surveys you will receive are sometimes limited work.

Each survey site is also a little different in when they will pay out. Some of them it is when you earn $20, while for others it will be $50 and still some the minimum amount to reach is $100. When I did this I did earn upwards of $100 in a month. Like I said before it certainly won’t make you millions and it’s not a get rich quick scam but hey, a little extra cash that you could save up for something special or to pay off current debts. Every penny you earn brings you just that much closer to your end goal.

Below are some Survey Site suggestions for you and tips when joining these survey sites in order to get you started in this little side hustle. I am fairly sure that if you researched you would find others, as there are some new ones starting up each day that not even I am aware of.

Sign Up For As Many Survey Sites As You Can

The reason behind this is that the more sites you sign up to the more surveys you will be able to complete. Since each survey site offers only a few each day they send out (and some you may not qualify for) you will be able to make more money with more sites.

Here are a few free online sites companies to get you started. These sites include Click4SurveysSurvey Downline, Survey Junkie,  Quick Survey Income, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Get Cash for Surveys, pro opinion, AmpSurveys, Paid Surveys at Home, mobileXpression, Say So,, Daily Rewards and Panel Bucks.

Warning Signs Survey Sites are Not Legitimate

Some of the warning signs of sites that may not be legitimate include:

  • Are they promising you will make a ton of money? Cause as with most survey sites you can make some money but they aren’t meant to be there to replace a full time income or make you thousands each month. Not one site would have enough surveys for you to complete or even qualify for.
  • Do they require you pay any upfront fees? All the survey sites I’ve ever been to are free to signup and none of them have at any point asked for any money. So this is a big one to be careful of.

Always Be Honest

I know that sometimes the questions can get personal and sometimes you just feel like telling a little white lie in order to qualify for a particular survey. However, remember that these sites are collecting real information for real companies and your opinion by answering the questions as honestly as possible will make a difference.

If you really find yourself in a situation where you don’t qualify for many of the surveys the provide then simply find another Survey Site that better suits you and you for them.

Are you already a member of a Survey Site?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. What sites are you a member of, how much have you earned to date, how long each day do you spend on these sites and which ones would you recommend? Inquiring minds would like to know.