January ~ How to Simplify


So I must admit that usually I don’t “get in the mood” to do a clean up session until spring hits … I guess that’s why they call it Spring Cleaning. This year though we’ve set our minds on simplifying the things we have in this house that have gathered over the years. Going through cupboards and closets and rooms, one by one. What’s making things a little easier is that our youngest child moves out this year and does need things to set up house for the first time. So it also helps her in saving money by not having to purchase the things that we have in excess here already. 

What I’ve done to date is this. I’ve tackled my kitchen. Oh my. The things that have accumulated there are unreal. I didn’t know I had so much stuff. I have cutlery from twelve sets I’m sure and then one full set my mother gave me when she passed. So I collected all the cutlery I could find and packed it up. Kept only the one full set in my drawer. Next I tackled a drawer in which things that had no use found a home. Emptied it out, gave things away, found new uses and low and behold more space!

Boy this feels good. So onto the next room I went. Going through books and paperwork from years worth of clients, bills, taxation and more. Shredded and gave away the more useful books and some we did keep but down to one shelf now. The recycling guy must have loved me this week, as I set out full bins of paper and plastic recyclables.

Oh my energy is pumping and at the end of a day it feels good. I’m exhausted but good. Like a weight has been lifted right off my shoulders. Things are looking cleaner. Now a relaxing bath with lavender Epsom salts to ease the muscle strain.

I still have plans for a number of big items too. A couch and living room set, and an extra TV and stand, movies, more books, video games, bedroom set and I’m sure there will be even more once we really start looking. However these things will have to wait a few more months when “move day” arrives for our youngest. At that time we will rejoice in having even less “stuff” and more room.

Stay tuned for my next posts about how we simplify things around here.