Screw the Cubicle for Good This Time!

Screw the Cubicle

I love to sing karaoke, well at least in my basement or amongst friends. I can’t say I’ve been brave enough yet to do it out in public or at a restaurant or bar karaoke night. ūüėõ But some day I’ll get there too. After all for me life is about taking some calculated risks and gee what are they gonna do? Boo me? OK so let them boo. That’s why I wrote this article “Screw the Cubicle”!

When I started writing, I immediately thought of Dolly Parton’s song “Working 9 – 5” and while I love the song and Dolly, the thought of working in a cubicle for the rest of my life SCARES the SHIT RIGHT OUT of ME!!¬†No, really. Someone else telling me what to do all the time. Making money for their company and not me. Not feeling a sense of accomplishment. Forget it, screw the cubicle, I say.

Screw the Cubicle – I hate 9 to 5

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. My grandparents came to Canada a long, long time ago and arrived in British Columbia with not much except the clothes on their backs. With their two teenaged children they built their own building and opened a European Delicatessen. Though it was not unsuccessful they were the “new faces in town” and most locals had a hard time welcoming the new folks. So of course as we all know food spoils and eventually there went the Deli. Not enough sales and too much wasted food, you can’t keep going that way. They closed down, lost it all (no they did not sell it) and moved the family to Winnipeg, where by now other family members had settled.


Comfort of Your Own Home in PJs !

With hard work they tried again and again they failed. They packed up and moved to Toronto. By now¬†my grandfather opted to “get a job”, someone had to pay the bills and things were tough back then. Think back, the time frame here is just after WWII. I give them a lot of credit and don’t know the exact details on how they managed this far. They were in a new country, strange cities, new to the language and still they tried.

Well my parents met in Toronto, got married. At the time both working folks. After a while they opted to go into business for themselves too. This time however they had a retail store selling household goods (they don’t spoil), the name, This and That Home Products Inc. I was raised in this environment from a very young age and by the time I was 12 years old I was running the store, ordering wholesale goods, selling wholesale and retail and doing all sorts of side hustles too. These included working all weekends and holidays. When the shop was closed we worked the flea-markets and trade shows.

I’ve been around. Working in Stouffville, Pickering, Brampton, Niagara and more. We even worked the Canadian National Exhibition. We never had time off, the only time we had were the official holidays where absolutely nothing was open or allowed to be open like Christmas and New Years but the rest was work, work, work.


Spend time with Family while Working

I guess I’m trying to paint you a picture here. So of course me, I went to school, worked the family business, got a job and worked my way up. I was making some pretty good money too. Yet I realized one day when my son was very young and my job gave me grief to go home since he cracked his skull at school and needed stitches, that THIS was NOT for me!! Damn it, I gave them my all. I worked hard and made good money. But my time was not my own and I was suffering and my family was suffering too.

That’s it I quit!! Just like that. But no I didn’t walk out, I told them I quit but they asked me to stay on and I did, like a good girl, till they found my replacement some 9 months later. In the meantime, I was still officially on “probation”. Do you know what that means? Yup, no benefits, no dental, no vision, no vacation time, no retirement plan, nada, no nothing at all. I just worked for their benefit.

The one good thing the 9 months did is give me the opportunity to figure out what I was going to do. I started building my freelance career. By the time I officially left there I was running a full time business with my hubby.

Businesses I’ve run since saying Screw the Cubicle

Since then hubby and I have run a few successful businesses. One was in the IT Field, another I was a breeder of Ragdoll cats, well-known¬†global exporter under the cattery name RaggleRock, while yet in another we humanely removed animals from houses while doing the repair work to people’s houses. During our times in these various businesses we were interviewed, had magazine write-ups, publicity on radio stations and more. However each time there was some reason behind us ultimately giving it all up. If I were to think back much of this has to do with DOING WHAT YOU LOVE and keeping your enthusiasm going for it and it’s potential till your old age. We were definitely missing the “we can do this till we’re old” part.

Well let’s not harp on failures, and actually they weren’t failures, if anything these attempts taught us a lot. A lot about business, online presence, social marketing, what works, what doesn’t; we grew as entrepreneurs, learning new skills all the time. So no regrets, just not something we could continue doing.

Early 2014 I was once again working and had to stop due to time off for surgery. During recovery I just assumed my job would be there waiting for me, so they had assured me before I took time off.

Ya, really, you think, not so !?!?

work from home

You are in CONTROL, you choose

Don’t ever think that your JOB¬†is secure!!! That’s mistake #1 by so many people I know. I have many friends that have worked one job and one only since the time they graduated and ultimately they HATE what they are doing but feel stuck and someday the company may close or restructure itself and damn it to all they won’t care about YOU or the IMPACT¬†it has on you. You are a number, an employee number that shows on your paycheck and nothing more. When things change they change for the benefit of the company, downsizing, rightsizing, outsourcing…. Oops, did that affect your job, your life? Oh well.

2015 I’ve taken almost a year off work now and worked a few temporary/seasonal positions like Sears as a Sales Associate, can you see me now? LOL I worked my birthday (December 24) and Boxing Day starting at 5 am, all the crazy hours. All in the meanwhile looking for my “real job” full time with¬†good pay, benefits and a schedule that would work for me. I still need to balance my work and home life. Guess what, the longer you are out of a job, the harder it gets. The older you are, the harder it gets. Do you need more reasons to say SCREW THE CUBICLE? I don’t.

I’m tired of being told I’m not the right fit or some other stupid excuse they can drum up¬†because¬†they are in control. They have control of my life, my future and my happiness!


For every job posting there are hundreds of applicants and in my case I’m sure they have recent experience, are fresh out of school, or know a person who works there. I know how to put a positive spin on just about anything but I guess deep down I really do not want to go back to “working for someone else” doing what they want and not what I want. So what do I want? What do you want?

Screw the Cubicle for Good this Time – Bye, bye

When I mentioned to my friends, that I was¬†job hunting again, I had an eye-opening conversation. While providing my skill set and experience and letting them know I was not interested in working weekends, nights or split shifts (cause that was family time); they told me … “I was too picky!” and “I should take anything that comes my way!

I guess that is most people’s mentality, to accept anything, do anything, no matter at what cost. We have been programmed this way for a very long time. And it’s scary to break away from the familiar. I know, I completely understand.

I have a friend who works the casino, she loves her job, but works all hours of the night and day away from her family. That may work for some folks but I also know in her case they are heading for divorce. Of course work is likely not the only reason behind this. It never is just one thing. But to me I have my priorities and FAMILY comes first!! My time is valuable to me. I can do yoga, read, go for a 10 km walk, rejuvenate and so much more. I will never be told that I MUST do this, I will reclaim my time … cause that’s when I SHOW them that I don’t have to settle!! I CAN do what I want and so CAN YOU!!!

I feel like I’ve wasted a year that I could have been back at it building my own business and freelance career again. Live and learn, always! Forget the past and move on. Can’t change it anyway!! Do you feel this way too? Going through the motions of life. Not enjoying what you do and who you are for it? You can say SCREW the CUBICLE!

4th Quarter 2015 into 2016¬†Here I am again. I am still looking for “the perfect job” but I am not by any means hoping to find it.

**(UPDATE: I am no longer seeking a “job” at all)

I am happily working away online, building my side hustles and working for myself. I work from home. I am available for my family. I have my free time and I still work hard but all for me, for my future and for my family.

I am doing what’s most important in my life!!¬†My ultimate goal and focus is to make enough of an income to work completely location independent as a digital nomad from any place in the world.

My dreams are to someday visit (while working) places like Chiang Mai, Thailand; Okinawa, Japan; New Zealand and Ireland, just to name a few. I’m taking us RTW (round the world).

With enthusiasm, purpose, and goals I WILL make it there! This time there is no turning back for me. Yes, I expect things to change, I expect to work hard, I’m still learning and there is NO get rich quick solution. I am well aware of that fact!

I am saying SCREW THE CUBICLE for good!!


PS Hopefully someday soon, my hubby will be able to join me in leaving the corporate world and we can fulfill our lifelong dreams.

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