RSS Feed Reader Why I use it & YOU should too

RSS feed rader

What is RSS Feed?

Right now you may be wondering, What is an RSS Feed? RSS feed (Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication) is a format of delivering ever changing web content. Many if not most websites, news related sites, blogs, and other publishers offer their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

Why use an RSS Feed?

The answer to that is quite simple. An RSS Feed solves many problems for those who regularly use the Internet. It allows you to stay informed by retrieving all the latest content from the blogs you want to stay in contact with. Instead of simply bookmarking each website and then going back to it day after day only to find that some sites publish daily, while others weekly and still others more randomly. The content of an RSS Feed is instantly updated whenever the publisher posts something new.

I used to think that an RSS Feed was somewhat passe. Especially with increased usage of such real-time services as Twitter, Facebook and other social media avenues. However, one of the things I was finding is that on these social media platforms often not all their own blog information was being shared. Or sometimes with the sharing of other information in their feeds, their own blog posts from their website would get lost. So while Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and such are great avenues and should be utilized, so should an RSS Feed. Plus there are some additional added benefits with a good RSS Feed reader. These added benefits include:

Control of Information Flow using RSS Feed

RSS Feed readers allow the user control over the information they see. Whereas on real-time platforms you do not have control. Or very limited control over what you are seeing. A good feed reader will allow you to search for multiple keyword streams. Save and organize your streams into categories. Allow you to bookmark individual posts for “reading later“. And best of all, also share information quickly and easily to other social media platforms.

For example I organize my feed into various types of blogs I like to stay updated with. Information on better blogging, personal finance sites, keywords I’ve chosen within my niche and more. I have the option to “save for later”, see what’s new “today”, copy the link to clipboard, save to Evernote or One Note, share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and many more. I even have the options to email an article to anyone or use Hootsuite where I can schedule a post for distribution. Now that’s a whole lot of options, all under one roof of a good RSS Feed reader.

Categorized News using RSS Feed

Initially you will have to spend some time on this. But it’s all worth ¬†it in the end. Plus if you don’t get the categories right the first time, don’t worry, you can reorganize but simply creating a new category and dragging and dropping feeds into your newly organized sections.

It’s truly amazing! Let’s say you want to stay up to date on my blog. Which of course discusses the streams of Debt Health and Simplicity but let’s say you’re also an avid foodie and love to cook. Seems like my blog and ones on cooking shouldn’t be meshed together. Solution. Simple. Create categories, one for my site and another for “cooking” or “recipes”. Then once you click on my site’s category you will only see the view of posts from me. While your other category for cooking or recipes will only contain sites specific to that heading. Isn’t this great news?

Which RSS Feed Reader to Use?

While this is truly up to you. I must say that I’ve used several free readers. Some no longer work as they’ve been discontinued. Some are too slow to connect. Others still don’t allow the flexibility that I’ve mentioned above with all the options to share, save, categorize and so forth. These days I’m using FEEDLY and find it suits my purposes just fine.

RSS feed FEEDLY reader

Now there are different versions of FEEDLY you can use in order to do more with your content. The basic version is FREE and that’s the one I’ve been using for now. Though I must say I’ve been tempted to go with the PRO version which costs $5.41/month. It allows you to do everything the basic version does. But also includes options for sharing your collections, a powerful search integration, share to¬†LinkedIn, Hootsuite and Buffer and save to¬†Evernote, Pocket, and OneNote. The free version allows you to share¬†to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Another option of the PRO version is it allows you to push content to other applications with IFTTT and Zapier. Lastly, they do have a TEAM version which most individuals won’t require but it allows for team collaboration. See the different versions available here.

Final words about RSS Feed readers

  1. First, I’ve recently added my own blog to FEEDLY once you are set up on their platform find DEBT ~ HEALTH ~ SIMPLICITY by following my link.
  2. I will shamelessly say I am looking to grow my readership on this platform. Which currently I have only two readers :( . With your support I am sure my readership will see growth within the next few months. Since my goal is to create community. Be sure to add my RSS Feed to your FEEDLY account.
  3. Feedly is not an affiliate account. Therefore I receive NO affiliate income. I am simply trying to make your life and my own easier. Sharing this valuable information on how you can stay organized and up to date. Give it a try! What have you got to lose?
  4. Whether you use FEEDLY or not; follow my RSS FEED in your favorite reader.
  5. I have renewed faith in RSS Feed readers and you should too. It’s a great way to obtain the information you are looking for. FEEDLY has free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and Desktop. Now it’s easier than ever to take the information with you. Everywhere¬†you go, stay connected!
  6. Suggestion: If you are using Google Chrome as your current browser. Install the RSS feed extension. By adding this extension to your toolbar. It will automatically light up anytime a website offers an RSS Feed. Then with a simple click of a button, you can subscribe to their feed. This saves lots of time manually adding sites to your RSS feed account. You can find the RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) by following this link. Then HAPPY READING !!

RSS feed Happy Reading

What are your thoughts on RSS Feed readers? Do you use them? If so, why or why not? Which reader is your favorite reader to use? Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from  you.