Research and more research …

Status Update

New Website, New Side Hustles, New Twitter … New …

When you are starting a New Year with a new plan there seems to be an overwhelming amount of “things” that need to be done. So earlier this month I’ve re-vamped this website, set up a new page on FaceBook, implemented a new mail list with Mail Chimp, revisited my Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and added a few other social media accounts. Whew that’s a lot of work already. 

But I’m not done there. And though normally I would write daily blog posts, I find that many of my “new” connections still have 0 followers. So instead of me taking the time to write daily posts, I’ve decided that I’m splitting my time up between researching the new things I want to accomplish, reading and then working on layout and connections between accounts.

Don’t forget too that I still need an income to keep me going. So I’ll be spending time on obtaining new side jobs that initially will most likely not bring in a whole lot of money but you need to start somewhere.

So I’m finding myself writing this status update on my site to let you know that if you don’t see any new posts, I haven’t disappeared or given up but there are a lot of things that need to be done behind the scenes too.

And hey, let’s not forget my other goals I need to be accountable for including eating right, de-cluttering my house and keeping up with my exercise. Working on your own personal goals is just as important.

After all my #1 goal in all of this is for freedom, a Lifestyle Change, organizing my priorities and ultimately being happy with myself and everything that is around me and touches me … including the work I do, my family, my friends and more. It’s about reclaiming my LIFE and doing more of what I want to do.