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Join me for a Lifestyle Change !

It all began in my late teens … I wanted to generally look & feel better about myself. I was physically active, lifted weights, started taking vitamin supplements and eating much healthier. Then came the childbearing & rearing years … and as you can imagine much went out the window. Although I kept my family healthy, I was eating poorly, excercising less, and doing much less for myself than EVER before. I was overweight by 60+ lbs and feeling a little depressed.  

One day my children grew up and my youngest became interested in health & wellness too. I started to realize that it was time to pull up my socks. Thoughts of my grandmother entered my head … She was a midwife in Europe before emigrating to Canada in the 1960’s. She also used to say, “Every plant has its place, you just have to find the right place”; that really stuck in my head. I pulled out all my books from my training … and I mean everything I could find, from alternative therapies, to eating healthy, to excercise and much more.

The final draw came one day while shopping for clothes I realized I needed the next size up … oh no, not again, how embarrassing! That’s it, no more! I hung those clothes back on the store rack and went home. I started my lifestyle plan. I had the knowledge, I knew WHAT to do, I just wasn’t doing it. I had a sit down with the family and let everyone in on my “lifestyle changes”. This wasn’t going to be a “fad diet” or “excercise binge”. This was a change for the REST OF MY LIFE and I wanted everyone’s support. There is nothing worse than cooking one way for yourself while cooking another way for the rest of your family.

This was June 2012 – since then I’ve started eating healthy again, many more fruits & veggies and fish in my diet. I began yoga classes and ballroom dancing. I’d walk around the block at first, then 2 km and finally I’ve worked my way to 10 km. My elliptical became more than just a coatrack.

Winters are still hard, so are birthdays and special occassions … but I’m excercising much more self-control and portion control these days !! When I eat a piece of cake I don’t fret it much but I also don’t eat the whole cake or more junk food the next day!

I’ve lost over half my weight gained so far and I’m still working on the rest.

I created this FaceBook page to share with others my own experiences and knowledge I have in the various fields AND mostly to keep myself accountable for what I do. The teacher becomes the student and thereby I learn much more.

For me and my family this is a lifestyle change in order to Age Gracefully both into and beyond 100 years. Hoping that you too will join me ! 😉

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