Moms: Is This The World’s Toughest Job?

Say I Love You To Moms

Moms Have a Thankless Job

Ever feel like your being taking for granted? I am fairly sure that at some time or another most moms and wives do, so you are not alone. Many of you who have read my other posts realize that I too am a wife and a mother of now 3 grown children, also a grandmother to 3 lovely boys under the age of four. So my life at times can be quite busy and hectic.

Moms¬†work 24/7/365 with absolutely no breaks in between. Oh ya if you get lucky sometimes you find a sitter for a couple of hours or a day where the kids go to a friend’s house overnight. But if you are like me and have more than one child in the house, then likely you know that it never fails but NEVER did all three of my kids go out at the same time giving myself and hubby a break and some much needed time alone. It took us 27 years of raising kids to finally be able to say we are Empty Nesters (at home) and have that time to be kids again ourselves. *winks*

Moms need to be skilled in the arts of finance, medicine and of course the culinary arts. We specialize in organization, budgeting, getting everyone to their scheduled appointments. Moms are doctors and nurses and take care of all the little (and big) booboos. Let us not forget that moms are in charge of all the cooking and if lucky can run out to KFC or Pizza Pizza for a well deserved night off from slaving in the kitchen. I know once my children became teenagers, I was finally able to announce that today was ¬†“free for all” day; which meant serve yourself from whatever foods you find in the kitchen fridge or freezer. It was a great way for the kids to learn to become a little self-sufficient and independent, as long as they didn’t burn down the house in the process. LOL.

As moms we seem to get no vacations at all. At least we sure didn’t as we didn’t have family to watch our kids or someone I could trust to leave them with for extended periods of time. So if and when we could afford a family vacation for the five of us … the kids were right there along side of us.

In fact, during the¬†summer months, spring breaks and Christmas holidays; the workload on moms actually increases by at least double. I think the only time that is great is the first few days and after that you are surely to hear the words “I’m bored.” … Oh the dreaded “breaks” the kids get from school. I am sure all you mom’s right now can relate to what I’m saying. No matter how hard we try to give them something to do and enroll them in activities they always seem to be bored at home and bugging you every 5 minutes for something.

If you saw a job listing for a role that asked for 135+ hours a week, the ability to work standing up at all times, crisis management skills, in addition to degrees in finance, medicine and culinary arts, and no pay, would you apply?

The answer here isn’t even required. At least I don’t think so anyways. You’ve probably already seen this¬†video below posted by Cardstore (send mom an online greeting this year), what you may not know is that the company posted an ad for a job listing as mentioned above and then they actually interviewed the 24 people who applied. Sounds crazy right?

Top 10 Reasons Moms Feel More Like Maids

  1. Not taking time for yourself
  2. Rescuing everyone else first
  3. Picking up after everybody
  4. Allowing your children to treat you rudely
  5. Not asking your hubby or others for help
  6. Doing all the housework yourself
  7. Being disorganized and overwhelmed
  8. Thinking no one else can do it as good as you
  9. Allowing everyone to rule your life
  10. Not getting the respect you deserve

So this year, try your very hardest to show your mother that you appreciate her. Even if you can’t physically go visit her or you feel like you are too young or too busy or too old. There are really no excuses because you can always do something to show your appreciation.

Show Moms Appreciation: Here Are 21 Tips

  1. wash the dishes or do laundry for her
  2. take her out for a nice meal
  3. send her an online greeting card
  4. text her a message telling her how much you care
  5. leave a note on her night-table or inside her lunch bag
  6. organize at least one room in the house
  7. send her some flowers with a personal note
  8. bake her favorite cake
  9. make her a memento using pictures of time spent together
  10. give her a phone call and say hello
  11. paint her a picture of something she loves, more than you
  12. sign her up for Wine of the Month Club
  13. help her plant a garden
  14. take her to the spa
  15. buy mom her favorite gift certificate
  16. surprise her with breakfast in bed
  17. let her sleep in
  18. tell her she was RIGHT
  19. sit and look at old photos together
  20. take mom to her favorite spot (beach, park, zoo)
  21. involve her in your life

Whatever you do this year for Mother’s Day the simplest of all is just to say, “I Love You, MOM!” and it will be sure to bring tears to her eyes and joy to her heart.

Happy Mother’s Day !!¬†