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Madison is my first Chinese Crested (CC) dog, CKC registered. She’s super intelligent and knows exactly how to read her owner 😉 . She knows if I’m going to bed, for a walk, or ride in the car! She knows when the chocolate chip cookies come out versus plain dog food LOL. I don’t know what I’d do without her! When that time comes it will be VERY heart breaking for sure.

Our dogs are fed a varied diet from dog kibble, to BARF diet, to cooked meats and vegetables and more. In winter they hate the cold outdoors so they tend to put on a little weight. In summer they love to tan on the back deck or run like maniacs around the fenced garden. Here is Madison’s info and enjoy the photos of her!

Ragglerocks Madison of Gardine – “Maddie”
Hairy Hairless Chinese Crested

CKC#: TJ182619   DOB: May 6, 2007
CERF: normal
Weight: 10 pounds

Sire: Orchid’s Darius
CERF: normal, Patellas: normal, Cardio: normal, OFA: normal
Dam: Can.CH Keepin’ It Low Key at Gardine
CERF: normal, Patellas: normal, Cardio: normal


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