Liska is our second Chinese Crested. She is a black and white hairy hairless. A direct import from the Czech Republic. So she cost me a small fortune with all the shipping fees, customs duties, her fee and more. Liska is registered with the European dog association. Her name actually means Sly Fox, and you’d think she knows it! She is certainly not as smart as Madison 😉 but she has her own intelligence.

When we go out I can trick her with treats while Madison stands at attention knowing I’m leaving and begging to come, Liska is motivated by the treat I just gave her and then looks up saying “HUH??”

But she is really outgoing, not afraid of a thing, and Maddie’s best buddy. They need/compliment each others’ weaknesses and strengths. Below is her information and pictures for you to enjoy.

Moraviancanis Bonsai Tiny – “Liska”
Hairy Hairless Chinese Crested

FCI#: CMKU/CIN/3191/08   DOB: May 16, 2008
CERF: normal
[Czech Republic Import]
Weight: 14 pounds

Sire: Sasquehanna Zenek
Eyes: normal, Patellas: normal
Dam: CHCD Dane Mari Avokaduh
Eyes: normal, Patellas: normal



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