Learn 4 Business Tips from a Frozen Hot Tub

Learn Business Tips from Frozen Hot Tub

Having a frozen hot tub doesn’t even sound right, does it? Well it happened and from this experience here¬†are 4 things you can learn from this daunting task of removing a block of ice that are¬†great business tips.

You see, we winterize our hot tub, thankfully, but now that spring is here and we wanted to start filling it up with water again and start using it; we opened up the cover only to find the hot tub filled with a solid huge block of ice. Getting rid of that solid block of ice gives you plenty of time to think, let me tell you!

My hubby suggested we simply leave the cover off and let it melt on its own as the nice weather would take care of it. So this was how it all started. Yes, leaving things alone may take care of the problem at hand and then again it may not. You can imagine I am a little too impatient for waiting and waiting with little to no results at all, so I devised another plan instead. One in which I knew I would see results in a shorter period of time.

I started to use boiling water and created a hole in the center of this block of ice and slowly around the edges too. Chipping away at the pieces becoming a little thin and eventually concentrating on a that thick stubborn center.

Step 1: Learn to be patient

Things don’t happen right away. Even though you may be putting in 110% effort, the results are not immediate. That’s definitely the same for any business. Learn to have patience with yourself and your online startup. If you¬†have just set¬†up hosting on a site like BlueHost¬†and put up a few¬†articles don’t expect miracles to happen as this¬†doesn’t guarantee any immediate gratification and results.

It will take plenty of time to build readership, market your site through social media, forums, and your networks, create monetization perhaps using an affiliate program like ShareASale, and so much more. It isn’t quite as easy and simple as it sounds but it can be done. You will be putting in many, many man hours before results start to show. Each step you take will bring you closer to seeing some new results. Results which prove to you that you are moving in the right direction.

You see, you can throw all the hot water you want at that ice and still it will take time to see the results. The main thing you will learn¬†from this though, is don’t become discouraged. Seeing some¬†“good¬†results” may take up to a year and hopefully¬†in five years you will see the real fruits of your hard labor. Be patient!

Step 2: Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Often times when people start a new business they will see themselves wandering around aimlessly and jumping from topic to topic and idea to idea. Although this seemingly is keeping you occupied it isn’t focusing at the task at hand. If your task is to melt that giant block of ice and boiling water isn’t cutting it, take a second look at the task. What else can you do? Perhaps breaking off the smaller pieces and throwing them out of the frozen hot tub will help and get the task completed that much faster. After all removing any pieces of frozen ice will allow the rest of it to melt being further exposed to the warm elements of the sunshine.

So it is the same with your business. See where else you can gain clients, can you send out emails to people you’ve networked with in the past? Maybe research blogs that are similar to your own in topics and leave some valuable comments these will serve as backlinks into your own website and maybe even drive some traffic your way too. Be careful not to spam other people’s websites as no one is fond of this.

Step 3: Keep On, Keepin’ On

Never give up! Yes it is hard work and there will be days when you feel like is it worth the effort. I can tell you from personal experience that success or failure is all very valuable and you will always learn something new. As I sat there chipping away at that huge ice block and seeing the pieces slowly break away and the big block becoming smaller and smaller to the point where I finally saw the bottom on this frozen hot tub, I realized then that every step taking no matter how insignificant it seemed at the time, it was serving a purpose to the entirety and I was making progress. You will see the same things happen in your business. One day you will have people signing up to your email or newsletter list. Then you will notice there are folks sharing your articles and information around on social media sites. Slowly and surely things will come together. You will build it and stick with it and they WILL come. Maybe not today, or tomorrow but in a few months or a year. Keep on plugin away and success will be yours.

Step 4: Ultimate Success

As I slowly break away at that huge daunting ice block I can see the bottom of the hot tub. Somewhere in those frozen leaves and ice cold water there is a seat and there is a bottom and there are those jets and hey, there is that filter too. The ice is now all melted and the clean up process has begun. The winter junk that covered the insides has been removed. Low and behold SUCCESS!!

There is a hot tub in there and it looks brand new again. Shining in all its glory, waiting to be filled up with water and heated for enjoyment. Your day in the sun will come too!! One day when you least expect it, after all the man hours, sleepless nights, writing, researching, marketing, networking, advertising and picture taking; your site will be indexed, read, reviewed, gained readers and orders placed or monetized in several different ways. I’m happy for your success and all the time it took to get to where you are today! You can do this! You have it in you. Believe in yourself and it will be so.