How to Reduce Clutter in the Kitchen 


The kitchen is one of those rooms in a house where we find ourselves spending a lot of time. Making your kitchen a more inviting place to be is therefore key. After all if you come home from a hard day at work, the last place you want to be is somewhere you feel even more stressed out.

So how can you reduce clutter in your kitchen? First off do not think this must be completed overnight. In fact I strongly suggest that it isn’t. I am fairly sure that however long you’ve lived in your place, the kitchen has seen the most accumulation of stuff. There is no point to stress in one day what has taken this long to perfect. 😉


Organize Cupboard Space

One of the first things you need to do is set yourself a target date. I suggest you think about de-cluttering the kitchen within 21 days. Why did I choose this number? Well firstly you don’t want to stress yourself out more by undertaking this daunting task in one day or one weekend. Secondly, doing this over the next twenty-one days will create a new habit forming way of looking at things. It takes 21 days to form new habits.

Utilize your wall space

Now where to begin. Instead of immediately throwing things out or giving them away, you may wish to take a milder route. Find a home for everything in your kitchen. Clear things off the counters and utilize the space in your cupboards, on the ceiling and walls.

When you start moving things around and find a home for everything off the counter, it will already look as if things are neater and tidier. Ultimately your counter should only contain things that you use every day like a coffee maker for instance.


Pot racks help to keep things organized

Next on your “to do” list, you can spend about 10 minutes each day just putting things away. Put dishes from the sink or dishwasher away where they belong. Wash any dirty dishes getting them out of sight. Clean up any recyclables and wipe down the counter and table.

A little effort can make all the difference in appearance and the mental affect it has on household members.

Now that everything has been “swept under the carpet” so to speak, it’s time to start actually minimalizing and becoming more simplistic.

Have a look at all the “things” you own, the duplicates and small appliances that are rarely, if ever used. Do you really need them or can you live without? Are there other things in your kitchen that can accomplish the same task and take up less space? If so it’s time to take those small appliances and either turn them into some extra cash by posting them on for sale sites, or by giving them away to family and friends in need or donating them to charities.

Tackle one drawer or cupboard at a time. I know in my cutlery drawer alone there must have been 12 mismatched sets going on in there and one complete set that I had put away in another cupboard and never used. It was time to tackle the cutlery. I packed up all those mismatched pieces and gave them to my daughter who was moving out on her own for the first time and in need. I figured since they had served me well over the years, they were just fine as a starter set for her. Then I pulled out the complete set I had stashed and put them in its place instead. I now have a cutlery drawer with 6 pieces of everything and all matched. I know if something’s missing and I know exactly how many there are supposed to be. Maybe it sounds a little anal but for me, the first time in over twenty years of seeing a completely matched cutlery set is somehow very liberating.

Another drawer I’m sure you all have is the “junk drawer”. Likely it will still be classified as this but I think it’s time it had a review. Take a look at what has accumulated in there. See if it is still of use. Discard of anything too old or useless and tidy it up.

Slowly but surely and one cupboard at a time you will see that it’s not that difficult to remove clutter from your kitchen. You will also notice that things become much easier to locate rather than having to rummage through all the “excess stuff” to get to something that was buried. I find myself being more efficient in the kitchen and actually enjoying the time I spend in there; rather than rushing about and trying to get out as quickly as humanly possible.

Here are some final tips for a more inviting kitchen:

  1. eliminate kitchen odors, keep trash and recyclables outside
  2. vinegar and water solution will clean and freshen most surfaces
  3. boiling orange and citrus peels in water add a fresh scent
  4. baking soda in the fridge and freezer will eliminate odor

If you have any further tips you would like to provide to our readers, please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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