How to increase monthly savings AND why most people don’t do it


I think most people are AFRAID of change! They are comfortable with what they have or who they are registered with and they just don’t want to “rock the boat“. What they don’t realize is that whether you are new with a company or have been with them for 30 years, you my friend are still a number to them. They don’t know you personally and they don’t care. 

That means the phone company, the insurance, your mortgage etc etc, you are a paying client and likely your fees each year go up and up.

Take the time to look at your bills and your options, we did. We got rid of satellite probably 5 years ago now and never looked back. I love sitting to a movie, no commercials tempting me to buy crap I don’t need, wasting my time and surfing for twenty minutes before I sit down to enjoy what I actually want to watch.

Our land line from Bell Canada for telephone…gone! We do still have a phone at home due to one person who still needs it but we went with MagicJack. Why? Hmm our phone bill went from over $50 per month to $30 per YEAR!!
Huge savings!!

Car insurance, same thing, we were clients over 30 years when they came up with some new rule about having more than two tickets and then wanted to discontinue our service cause they didn’t have a plan for us. I called around, you know what? I found a company with tickets that charged us only $4 more per month and later in probably three months from now, that’s when they drop off, our rate reduces by 40%

Motorcycle insurance, here’s a biggie. Hubby paid $500 per year when he first started and the bike then a 650CC. When he got his V-max it jumped, then Jevco got bought out by Impact and it doubled again. We were now paying about $1500 per year. The bike had gotten older and hubby an even more experienced rider. So wtf?? I shopped around and found an insurance for the same V-max 1200CC bike, exact same coverage, at $400 per year. Wow that was cheaper than when he first started riding as a new rider.

I could probably go on and on here but let me just say this, don’t settle, don’t be afraid. Change is good. This year we intend to change our house insurance (renewal is in July 2016) and looking at another 40% savings on it. It doesn’t hurt to ask questions and shop around. After all, isn’t this YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY !?!?

Cheers Irene