Hectic Days & Nights

Status Update

I feel as if I’ve been ignoring my own blog while I am busy helping others with theirs, so please forgive me on this I promise to have more posts for you to read shortly. I know many of you are looking for a work/life balance but when you are self-employed often there is a work for others/work for yourself balance that needs to be met as well.

I may have been silent on here but behind the scenes I’ve been very busy working away these days. I actually find myself in a position where I may have to scale down on some of the incoming work to do some of my own. 😛

I know, you’re probably thinking … oh how tough is that! LOL But it really is. There’s just one of me to go around and although I have been outsourcing some of my tasks it’s still not enough to keep everything covered, and I guess that stems from the lack of funds required to get all the help one actually needs.

I am still very new on my own blog, as it was completely revamped in January 2016, with new social media profiles, new virtual assignments being provided to others, new just about everything. So I’m slowly plugging away here.

Stay tuned though I promise it will all be worth the wait in the end.

In the meantime if you are looking to save money of your own and become debt free I urge you to read my previous posts on this site like 18 +1 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill and 6 Ways to Cut Your Entertainment Budget and Still Have FUN! They will help get you started in the right direction. Your own motivation and enthusiasm will get you moving and once the ball starts rolling it just gains more speed and you will notice that small changes in the right direction will have a great impact on your life today and in a years time.

I’m grateful for the emails I’ve been receiving asking me “How did you do it?” Well the answer is a lot of hard work. As for the details I am rolling them out here slowly but surely. There is so much to cover that it would be impossible for me to answer the question in just one email response to you.

For now hang tight, grab a coffee and enjoy the read. Subscribe to my list and don’t miss out on any details up and coming.

Bye for now. Hugs xoxo Irene