Goals Extra Income Feb-2016 Report

Goals Extra Income

Here on Debt ~ Health ~ Simplicity I discuss three streams in life that are most important to me. To maintain focus and accountability I’ve decided to¬†post¬†Goals Extra Income Reports. You will see from the time I decided to completely revamp this blog to present how I’ve been doing. And with your support and comments help keep me in line!

Goals Extra Income

We weren’t meant to Pay Bills then Die. There’s much more to life than that!

Grab a cup of coffee. Join me in my little digital home and let’s talk about earning extra income to become debt free. How to create¬†various streams of extra income.¬†Using side hustles and side income to make more monthly money. Having more money at the end of each month. Living healthy by eating right. Eating more at-home meals. Not eating out and eating so much junk foods at home or fast foods. Using diet and exercise to support our health. And of course Simplicity. Getting rid of excess stuff. Surrounding ourselves with less and living more. Not doing without but most of us in some way have been gathering way too much stuff over the years. We also tend to put too much value on these “things”. It’s time to rid ourselves of this clutter.

I want to create a community of like minded people whose goals are similar to my own. I know there is absolutely more to life than living from paycheck to paycheck and PAYING BILLS and then we all eventually die. That sounds just a little to gruesome to me. Let’s live life together!

Goals Extra Income February 2016

My goals in February were a little more stringent. My new website was up and running and several blog posts had been published. My goal is continue showing people how they can save money each month by making some small changes. After all every dollar counts when you are trying to live debt free. And the obvious answers to no more debt are either a) increase your income or b) save a little on that budget. Here is a recap of some of the relevant posts you may have missed from February.

  1. How to increase monthly savings AND why most people don’t do it
  2. Dream Big: Visualization and Positive Imagery
  3. 6 Ways to cut your Entertainment Budget & still Have Fun !
  4. Beginners Tips to Making Money at Home
  5. 10 +1 Tips to Cut your Household Expenses
  6. 18 + 1 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill

Screw the CubicleAs well as the articles above I also found myself writing a few Quick Status Updates, some great Recipe articles I just had to publish and a few on health topics of interest at the time. Like those on “Secret Spices ‚Äď Turmeric“. And the one about “Top 10 Vegetables that cause Gas and Bloating“. This one was especially important to me. As my youngest daughter went through an entire week of severe pains as a result of gas. Lastly I wrote about “8 Spring Foods for Cleansing to Support Your Liver Function“. Mainly this article was inspired by¬†spring being¬†around the corner. Also¬†I really wanted to get back into eating healthier. I made a list of best spring foods. Why they were so useful and how I could utilize them.

I also updated the post “Screw the Cubicle” to let everyone know that I was no longer seeking a “job” and concentrating fully on my online blog, freelancing and online side hustles. Since my online work was¬†giving me the pleasure of immediate gratification. Rather¬†than the time I was wasting applying to jobs that were getting me nowhere fast. Grr … lol

Well¬†here were my February¬†goals for myself and my blog …

February Goals

  1. Become a Fiverr Seller РPASS I had used fiverr in the past as a buyer. Decided I would offer my services as a seller now. Had no expectations at all. First sales came in and I decided I wanted to reach a Level 1 seller just to prove it could be done. And I did!! I became a level 1 seller in under 3 weeks time that I spent hustling on the fiverr website. Funds cleared in February $104.80 USD. Converted to Canadian dollar based on February rates down below.
  2. Instagram РPASS set up a brand new IG account. Starting posting and seeking followers. To my surprise by middle of the month I already had some decent follower gain and getting around 70-80 likes per post. Sometimes even reaching over 100 likes. Must be doing something right!
  3. Sign up for affiliate programs РPASS again I already have an existing account with Google AdSense and Amazon. I also signed up for new ones through ShareASale, LinkShare/Rakuten, Commission Junction, PepperJam and FlexOffers.
  4. Set up MailChimp¬†campaign¬†– FAIL I’m not sure why but those first few days and weeks on MailChimp I was soo frustrated. I couldn’t figure out a damn thing. Well besides the email list and that luckily I got going easily to gather incoming registrations. Believe me though, this¬†coming from a techie. I thought someone with no experience would kill this thing. Well after a while it just clicked and finally I started rolling out updates¬†to subscribers. I think that was in late April. What¬†a grueling time period though.
  5. Create extra incomePASS still renting out a room in our house. Earned extra $500
  6. Save on grocery shoppingPASS use two apps. Flipp for finding all the specials and price comparison shopping. Saved over $150 by doing this!! CheckOut51 to claim cash back rewards. Earned extra $20.25 through CheckOut51  You really should check out both of these apps. Free to download and they can save you tons each month and send you cash back on things you are shopping for anyway!! (remaining balance of $10.50 towards next time I can cash out. You can cash out each time you hit $20 or more)
  7. Work out 3 times per weekFAIL elliptical¬†is still collecting dust. Too busy each day online and time seems to fly when you’re having fun. I know, no excuses. I hope next month.
  8. Lose 5 pounds¬†– PASS¬†think I managed to do this by eating better foods and at home meals. Obviously it had nothing to do with exercising, since I hadn’t really done any of that. Or maybe then again it was because we moved our youngest and my mother-in-law. One at the beginning of the month and the other at the end. See “Helping Everyone Move & We Are Empty Nesters!
  9. Not eat out at any restaurantsPASS¬†save money by eating at home.¬†Still cooking meals from scratch most of this month. Except on April 23rd when¬†we visited¬†Toronto to see¬†“Shen Yun Theatre Double Date in Toronto” and we ate at Fionn Mccools, McDonald’s and KFC. Oops. :(
  10. Get rid of excess clutter/stuffPASS continue to use online local Facebook yard sale groups to sell off a few things standing around. Earned extra $50

See all of my blog posts for February¬†2016 right here. All in all February was a really busy month. Not only for me working online and on this blog but also in terms of personal entertainment and undertakings. This is a month where my back and bones are feeling it all over. Each day I seem to end it sore enough to take a long hot bath in epsom salts with lavender essential oils. I think I foresee a spa day in the relatively near future. ūüėÄ I need an RMT to give me a nice relaxing massage.

Blog Goals

  • Google Analytics Page Views: 45 views this month (hey it’s something)
  • Google Analytics Bounce Rate:¬†78% bounce, yikes but I’m¬†working on it
  • Alexa Traffic¬†Rank: Feb 1st:¬†22,452,700 by Feb 29th: 22,270,536
  • Instagram: increase to¬†500 followers Follow Me
  • Need New Theme: although WordPress 2015 theme is simplistic, it’s just too simple; need to see if I have another theme I’ve already purchased in the past that will work or find a new one.
  • Pinterest: increase followers to 500 Follow Me
  • Twitter: increase followers to 500 Follow Me
  • RSS Feed Reader: research & implement different readers. See which I will use and promote readership
  • Blog Subscribers: promote sign up to my blog. Want to share all my information at any time. I’ve decided to send out blog post updates every Saturday morning via MailChimp.
  • WordPress Plugins: in need of a few plugins for various tasks. I will share my plugins with you shortly that have saved me a lot of time and headaches along the way.
  • FaceBook Page: promote my page. Though I’ve set it up in January I haven’t spent anytime on promotion. Currently has 1 like. LIKE my Page!

Goals Extra Income Summary

I’m otherwise quite pleased with how everything is progressing. Some days are more frustrating than others. But it’s to be expected in this infancy stage. Still so much to accomplish.

You can see from my blog goals that not only have I implemented quite a few new things. I’ve also increased my expectations. No one said that working online or from home was going to be easy. In fact in the beginning it’s always twice or three times as difficult as having a “job”. I find myself “working” much more than 9 to 5. In fact, I probably spend about sixteen hours a day online. For me though it’s always been rewarding. Especially when you can physically gauge your¬†successes by various analytic tools¬†and your follower growth, as well as blog subscriptions.

I will shamelessly say, I NEED¬†your support. Please subscribe and¬†follow me on my various social media platforms to be sure you aren’t missing out on the valuable information I’ve been sharing.

Over the next several months there will be plenty of new¬†developments and I’d like to share them all with you. Feel free to send me messages or leave comments on my posts where relevant. Keep me on track and accountable for what I’m doing. To all you new bloggers, side hustlers, freelancers and entrepreneurs … Keep on, keep’in on!! NEVER GIVE UP ! from your host Irene. xo


Extra Income for February

  • Fiverr Seller – $135.40
  • Rent – $500
  • Grocery Shopping Saves – $150
  • Grocery Cash Back Rewards – $20.25
  • Online Yard Sales – $50
  • Eating at home – $?
Earned and saved $855+ extra income last month!
How did you do in February? Any extra income?
 Share your comments down below.