Goals Extra Income Report 01-2016

Goals Extra Income

Here on Debt ~ Health ~ Simplicity I discuss three streams in life that are most important to me. To maintain focus and accountability I’ve decided to¬†post¬†Goals Extra Income Reports. You will see from the time I decided to completely revamp this blog to present how I’ve been doing. And with your support and comments help keep me in line!

Goals Extra Income

We weren’t meant to Pay Bills then Die. There’s much more to life than that!

Grab a cup of coffee. Join me in my little digital home and let’s talk about earning extra income to become debt free. How to create¬†various streams of extra income.¬†Using side hustles and side income to make more monthly money. Having more money at the end of each month. Living healthy by eating right. Eating more at-home meals. Not eating out and eating so much junk foods at home or fast foods. Using diet and exercise to support our health. And of course Simplicity. Getting rid of excess stuff. Surrounding ourselves with less and living more. Not doing without but most of us in some way have been gathering way too much stuff over the years. We also tend to put too much value on these “things”. It’s time to rid ourselves of this clutter.

I want to create a community of like minded people whose goals are similar to my own. I know there is absolutely more to life than living from paycheque to paycheque and PAYING BILLS and then we all eventually die. That sounds just a little to gruesome to me. Let’s live life together!

Goals Extra Income January 2016

Screw the CubicleMy goals in January were actually quite simple. As I had decided then to revamp my¬†existing blog and recreate a whole new me. I set out with a vision. Since I no longer felt working 9 to 5 was an option for me and decided “Screw the Cubicle” ; I had to decide on my next moves. By this time in my life I had already run several different businesses from home. However I gave them all up for various reasons. Often just for being at stages in my life where they no longer suited my purpose. Well we all have to start somewhere. So here it goes …

January Goals

  1. Back up the old blog & removePASS just in case there were a few posts or images I may want to use in future
  2. Decide on a¬†blog themePASS¬†initially created the new blog with WordPress 2015 theme. Thought I wanted something completely simplistic. Realized in about a month it wasn’t going to serve my purpose as it was too simplistic after all. More on that next month.
  3. Start writing new blog postsPASS¬†begin with providing readers a background about myself. Wrote “Let’s Get You Up To Speed
  4. Set up MailChimp build email listPASS creating a new mail list to start building my community. A way to send out alerts, new blog posts, newsletters and other valuable information.
  5. Create new goals extra incomePASS¬†opportunity arose to rent out a room in our house for only few months. Earned extra $500 this month by doing so. Wrote “Steps You Can Take NOW¬†to Reduce Credit Card Debt
  6. Research side hustlesPASS¬†went back into my old files. Contacted friends and past clients. Decided to use Fiverr as a seller not just as a buyer which I done in the past. Wrote updates “Fiverr Gigs” and “Fiverr is Keeping Me Busy“. Shared a quick status update “Research and more research“.
  7. Work out 3 times per weekFAIL get back on the elliptical since I’d been neglecting it. It’s been collecting dust in my bedroom.
  8. Lose extra pounds from ChristmasFAIL not happening yet. Eating more sweets these days. At least we are eating at home and healthier. Might help if I exercised some. But winter here in Canada is damn cold outside and inside I don’t have the motivation.
  9. Removed myself from social mediaPASS¬†decided to use social media for blogging and networking purposes, not for personal use. Was finding that especially Facebook was a month of people griping and all sorts of bad news. Spent too much time on it. Felt down and depressed by listening to all the negative stuff. Wrote about my feelings in “Facebook — a positive OR a negative?
  10. Not eat out at any restaurantsPASS¬†save money by eating at home. Make healthier meals by home cooking from scratch. Not use pre-boxed store bought meals either. Wrote about my existing Facebook page “Aging Healthy Beyond 100“, shared “Sugar Sugar” written by my hubby, Geary LeBell.
  11. Invest in myself. Learn more through reading РPASS read tons of online articles. Study other websites in a similar niche. Set up cloud reading. Downloaded books for free. Read every evening or in my spare time.
  12. Get rid of excess clutter/stuffPASS¬†thought about all the things that have accumulated over the years. What could I sell? Earned extra $100 through local yard sale Facebook groups. What could I live without and give away to others? How to¬†live more minimalistic.¬†Wrote a blog post¬†“January – How to Simplify“, “The Simplistic Kitchen” and “How to Reduce Clutter in the Kitchen“.

See all of my blog posts for January 2016 right here. You can see that by DOING plenty of things around here, it also gave me lots to write about. Seems like there is an endless stream at times. It wasn’t until I actually starting writing this goals extra income report, that I realized just how much I had actually accomplished this month. Yeah me!

However I am finding myself a little overwhelmed as I know just how much more there is yet to do. I also know in my mind just what I want to get done. And somehow I run out of day before completing these things. I’ve decided though in order not to burn out, it’s also important to take time away from it all for myself. So hubby and I did get to go out a few times. Since we are limiting our budget, we are sticking to free things we can do. We went to the movies for FREE a few times. Took a walk along the boardwalk, damn cold still! Went on a few trail hikes. Enjoyed the fresh winter snowfall. It’s actually quite amazing the things you can do that cost you nothing at all.

Blog Goals

  • Google Analytics: implemented to create a baseline
  • Page Views: increase Page Views to¬†anything but zero! Write and spread the word about my new blog. You can help me out with this ūüėÄ
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: set up with Alexa to create baseline, current zero

Goals Extra Income Summary

Overall my goals extra income this month were not too bad at all. Especially since this is all brand new. I’ve managed to accomplish many new things. Lot’s more is being implemented¬†as I move forward. In the next few months you will see more about my social media goals, personal goals and side income goals. I’m hoping you stay tuned and watch how my¬†goals extra income change. Send me messages and keep me on track. Focus and accountability is what we all need from our community.

Extra Income for January

  • Rent – $500
  • Online Yard Sales – $100
  • Eating at home – $?
So I actually made $600+ extra income last month!
How did you do in January? Any extra income?
 Share your comments down below.