Friendships ~ Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures

peaceful snow


My weekend summed up in one simple word. Afterglow. It was absolutely perfect.

Strange how one can attend parties or meetups with many people in attendance and lots of familiar friends and faces yet walk away with the feeling of “why did we go to this?”, don’t get me wrong, not that we don’t have a good time but just somehow it doesn’t “feel” very personal and although amongst such a large crowd of familiar friends one can feel very much alone.

Well as of late that’s how hubby and I have been feeling during the past few months ending 2015. Which is why in December we decided to turn things around by¬†doing more personal type things.

First we attended a Christmas house party with small group of friends. Then we spent the next several weeks with our family. One of our daughters had a new baby on the 15th so that was a huge highlight. Our son came home from the military and we spent quality time with him, visiting with his friends and my father, his grandpa.

We also took the family to see the new Star Wars movie and had a quiet dinner together afterwards.¬†On New Year’s Eve we decided we wouldn’t go out either to a big to do, instead hubby and I spent it with a couple in town, whose wedding he was the Best Man at, partying with them, discussing life and family, getting a little silly and letting loose. It was certainly a good time. It’s always nice to vent a little too but I don’t like spending too much time in the negative so switching over to our positive thoughts of the coming new year fairly quickly was nice.

But nothing can compare to¬†the plans we made for this weekend. Yes some will say, wait and good things will come to you. Others will say, you have to make an effort to plan towards things and make them happen. I guess we are of the mindset somewhere in between, we don’t exactly chase things but we don’t let life just pass us by either.

So what made our weekend one in which we can bask in such afterglow? Simple. It was simple. OK, ok … more details.

Friends asked what we were up to, that we hadn’t seen in a while, we said not much and one thing lead¬†to another and we decided to get together at our place.

Early afternoon upon their arrival we chatted to get caught up on things going on in our lives. You know, the kids, family, friends, jobs etc. Then we sat down to play a game of Euchre, during which I began to prepare our dinner for the evening. A chicken parmesan recipe I more or less put together on the fly with coleslaw and scalloped potatoes. As we finished the Euchre game we were just in time for our dinner to call us. We enjoyed a delicious meal with a rose wine and more good conversation.

Later we moved ourselves¬†downstairs to sing a few karaoke songs and have more drinks. The highlight song was, “What does the fox say”, and after a good laughter fit we changed our thoughts to a game of pool. Well as you might guess, the ladies kinda suck at it, so we had to make up our own rules in order to make things a little more interesting. Whoever sinks the 8-ball, their partner dishes out their reward. Hmm, interesting rule.

Though it still took sometime to complete our game of pool, following through with the reward was definitely the highlight of that game.

The evening then rounded itself with the movie Trainwreck and we finally called it a night in the early a.m. hours. After a very peaceful sleep, oh except maybe the cat, [laughing out loud] we awoke and started our day off with an awesome breakfast at home.

Hubby cooked up a load of homefries, while I made bacon, sausages, turkey sliced rounds. He made the over-easy eggs and hollandaise sauce, while I made mushrooms with onions. Our friends pitched in too, setting the table and preparing toast with butter and english muffins.

So you can imagine our stomachs were pretty full after a meal like that!

We chatted some more and spoke of the previous nights events, cleaned up the evidence of “partying” and they packed up to leave. We were all sad to see it come to an end so soon but the hopes of seeing each other again in the next month made it more bearable.

As I sit here this fine Monday morning watching the snow fall ever so lightly, flakes hitting the ground and covering the green grass once again, I think to myself; WOW, what a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to do that again.

It seems the lesson we’ve learned is that surrounding ourselves with lots of people and lots of excess stuff¬†doesn’t necessarily make us feel any richer or better about ourselves. In fact the opposite is actually quite true.

Having a simpler life with less things, less clutter, less people and more of what is important to you, prioritizing your time and regaining it with more meaningful moments is what impacts us the greatest by leaving lasting impressions.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures ! Live for today !