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We all love FREEBIES who doesn’t? As newbies we can’t afford to pay for everything. As veterans we still appreciate saving a few bucks.¬†Better still, is getting FREE stuff. Useful and organized content right at your fingertips.

Below¬†are my collections. Absolutely FREE stuff I’ve organized just for you!¬†Bloggers, freelancers, DIY will appreciate this valuable info. No searching. No trial and error. I’ve done all the work for you.

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Here’s a quick overview on what you’ll find in each section.

FREE Stuff:¬†Learn “How To”

Within these links you’ll¬†find free stuff such as courses to improve your skills or learn new ones. In fact, to date I have a collection of over 250 FREE courses!¬†Categories for these course include:

  1. Business: entrepreneurship, communication, sales, marketing, home business, media
  2. Office productivity: MS Word, MS Excel, Google docs, Google Calendar
  3. Personal development: self esteem, productivity, finance, happiness, stress management
  4. Marketing: SEO, fundamentals, social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing
  5. Health: nutrition, yoga, meditation
  6. Podcast production …. and many more

All courses provide a Certificate of Completion. Can be completed via iOS or Android. Start learning “HOW TO” today.

FREE Stuff: WordPress Plugins

There are over 44,000 plugins which¬†will expand the functionality of your¬†WordPress website or blog. In my collection are the ones I find most useful. And at one time or another, I’ve actually implemented these. This collection is constantly changing. As new plugins become available they may replace older ones. Some plugins become extinct and are removed from my list. Still others cease to function. Be sure to stay tuned as I continue to update this information.

FREE Stuff: Right Tools Make It Easy

Helping you, by making it easier. This category includes DIY eBook cover design. Links for free self-publishing. Making voice overs or recordings? There are free online teleprompters. Create free surveys. Get free music to use in your videos. Free online video creator and editor. And plenty of other resources.

FREE Stuff: Public Domain Images

Sooner or later we all¬†need pictures. For a¬†website, email campaign, video¬†etc. Unless you’re a photographer.¬†This is where I suggest you use public domain images. Why? ‘Cause these are images the creator has relinquished to the public. Or in other words no longer claims rights over it. These images can be copied, manipulated and distributed. All without legal encumbrances. FREE stuff like where to find these public domain images is very useful to have. Search these sites by keyword. Find suitable images. Download and use without fear.

FREE Stuff: Books to Read

Do you love to read? Learn new things? I love using my cloud reader. To date I have read so many books both from my desktop computer and on my smart phone using a¬†free app. In this section I list¬†a collection of books all absolutely free. So whether these books are short or long. Useful or not. I still find they inspire ideas. And keeping the enthusiasm going is what really counts! So whenever you find yourself at a loss for “what I can do to make money online”; you might want to give one of these books a read. Some of the topics covered in my list include:

  1. freelancing
  2. drop shipping sales
  3. promoting yourself
  4. guide to passive income
  5. how to start a profitable blog
  6. affiliate marketing
  7. joys of having less (minimalism/simplicity)
  8. self-publishing
  9. side hustle ideas and so much more

Take a look at my list of FREE Stuff in books to read. YUP, absolutely free. Enjoy.

Bookmark this page in your browser and¬†return for more FREE Stuff, as I add to my lists when they become available and useful for freelancer’s purposes. If you are searching and having trouble finding a¬†particular item not yet listed here, contact me and I will try and assist you in your search for FREE and make it available to others who may also be searching for the same things you are.


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