Fiverr is keeping me busy

Status Update

Making Money Online AND at Home !

It really comes to my surprise that a newbie like me on Fiverr can be kept busy working. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like the Gigs are just rolling in but I’ve only posted Gigs starting mid-January and had several discussions with possible work pending, as well as a few Gigs going through and completed. No get rich quick scheme by any means and it takes hard work.

Between all that I’m doing right now I have the feeling I will need to dedicate specific times where I am actually working writing articles for my own blog. 😛 Well it’s a good thing I enjoy researching, learning and writing. It’s all a new challenge for me.

PS I am not new to freelancing as I’ve done this for over 15 years and I’ve also been a member of the corporate world for over twenty. Perhaps this makes it a little easier for me in that sense but using Fiverr is very new to me in hustling for side jobs.

If you require any work to be completed feel free to visit these jobs I offer:


Proofread/Editing (novels, blog posts, articles & more)


Virtual Assistant for almost Any Task


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