Fiverr Gigs

Status Update

Making Money Online using Fiverr

I must say that all new ventures I’ve ever taken on in the past, I’ve learned that they take time to build. You start slow, get known and work your way up. 

To my surprise however, I posted a few Gigs to Fiverr and have already had two contacts. I know that’s not much and so far no assignments have resulted from this venue. But I must say that I’m the new kid on the block there and I didn’t even expect to be found, let alone contacted by anyone. At least, not yet!

I’m not putting all eggs in one basket either. Still side hustling everywhere, searching the job boards and of course applying to appropriate positions locally seeking permanent full or part time employment.

I am happy to report though that to me things are going just the way I’ve anticipated so far. Looking forward to the next several weeks. Stay tuned. 😉