Depressed and anxious? Try these fall supplements see how you fair then

With winter on the way, cold and flu season among us, depression and anxiety aren’t far behind. Myself, I am affected by S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder. Supplements can help you cope all year long, you just need to change them up with the seasons.

Did you know SAD only occurs in the winter months? It happens as the bodies response to changes in the natural day/night cycles. See I always knew I was meant to live in a climate that produces more sunshine throughout the year than what we get here in chilly Ontario, Canada. *smiles* It is sad that SAD affects roughly 10 million Americans and another 10-20% have mild cases of SAD.

So what do you do about it? How do you stay healthy? Obviously if you live where I do, you won’t be able to bring on the sunshine no matter how much you would like to.

Personally I change up my vitamin and mineral supplements to help see me through this time of year.

If you are curious to know which supplements my cabinet consists of and how we manage to stay healthy, just read on. I would highly recommend if you have not tried any of these yet, to give them a try.

The one thing I would like to mention before going further is that which vitamins and minerals you buy are just as important as the type you buy. For example some come in chelated form, others come as sublingual and still others are extracts in oil or alcohol bases and so forth. You will note from my list below that I will provide as much detail about each of the supplements as possible.

Here are the contents of my supplements cabinet:

  1. lypo-spheric Vitamin C and B
    when at all possible I purchase the lypo-spheric type, these vitamins are encapsulated in liposomal encapsulation for increased absorption by your body; you mix a package with about 30 ml of water or juice and then take it like a shot
  2. ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C)
    when I can’t find lyp-spheric vitamin C or my order takes a while to come in, I choose the second best in my opinion; these come in capsule form usually at 500 mg. I always take 1000 mg per day, so I take one in the morning and one before bedtime. With the first signs of a cold I may even up the dosage to about 2000 mg per day!
  3. B12 methylcobalamin (vitamin b12)
    again when I can’t find my preferred B complex in lypo-spheric form I use this brand. It is a sub-lingual tablet which means you put it under your tongue and it get absorbed as it melts in your mouth. The brand I take has 1000 mcg dose and we take 1 a day in the morning or latest by lunch time as we find this provides you with energy and will keep you awake at night.
  4. liquid D3 with K2
    there are a few things to remember with vitamin D. One is that unless you receive sunshine daily and expose your arms, face and legs to it, you just won’t have enough. Every Canadian is deficient in Vitamin D. Liquid form of this vitamin is the fastest and best absorption method. Though I’ve tried several brands in liquid some can takes quite awful. My preference is for the brand called Innovite Health which uses grape seed oil and sunflower oil as its base. Another thing to remember is that D3 is most affective with K2 and since you don’t need a lot of K2 make sure the one you buys is D3 with K2 and not the other way around. Each drop contains 500 IU of D3 and my personal choice is to get about 4000 IU per day during the winter months.
  5. omega 3
    unless you are someone who eats several fish servings each and every day I recommend you take a good supplement. In my cabinet I stock the triple strength by Natural Factors 900 mg EPA/DHA and it has no fishy after taste. We both take 2 soft gels each day. One in the morning and another at night before bedtime.
  6. vitamin E
    this one is best if it’s a mixed vitamin. Therefore my choice is using Natural Factors Mixed Vitamin e400 IU. It comes in soft gels and again we take 2 of these a day, splitting them one in the morning and one before bed.
  7. lutein
    this is in my cabinet to help with my eyesight. I’ve always had issues with my eyes and now as I age there is some macular degeneration. I’d like to prevent things like glaucoma and cataract too. So my choice for this is using Natural Factors soft gels in a 40 mg dosage. I take one each day.
  8. minerals
    because I find that minerals are often neglected even in a multi-vitamin they have quite low doses so we decided to take an extra supplement. My choice is called Only Minerals by SiSU. They are non-gmo veg capsules and I take one daily
  9. lecithin
    here’s one that often people cringe at but that’s just because they don’t know it well enough. First always get the non-soy type. My preference though it comes in capsules, liquid and granules; is using the granules. I have 1 tsp per day on something like yogurt or quark. It can be mixed in some water but they won’t dissolve. The liquid form of lecithin is an acquired taste and thick like molasses, so don’t say I didn’t warn you on that one. *smiles* My lecithin comes from sunflower and I feel very comfortable using it for its many benefits.
  10. diatomaceous earth (DE)
    here is one that folks have often never heard of. I myself found out about it several years back when I was breeding cats and dogs. Then later I found out all the benefits for humans too and began using it for us. Always buy DE in human food grade form as you can find this even at Canadian Tire in their bug spray section to keep away bed bugs etc from house and gardens. You don’t want to eat that form though! Human grade can still be used in the garden etc but better yet it is for your health and all the animals in your house. I won’t go into the many benefits here but fall is a great time to add this to your diet. My routine is to use 1 tsp in glass of water, working myself up to a full tablespoon and going a few weeks on and then take a week off and start again.

My bonus for your fall cabinet of supplements:

  1. echinacea
    warning, yes this one tastes gross, sorry but it really does help! Luckily you don’t have to take much and it goes right in the back of the throat so you can swallow it quickly. My brand of choice is Natural Factors Anti-Viral Fresh Herb Tincture. In the mornings I take 1 ml and again in the evening. If I am feeling a cold coming on or everyone around me is getting sick, I step it up to 2-3 ml twice daily. I honestly can’t remember when I had my last bad cold, just the odd sniffles.

Here’s to enjoying the cold gloomy months which lie ahead and to your health using these supplements for greater health and longevity.