FaceBook – a positive OR a negative?


As I sit here and work on revamping my website, as well as my life and de-cluttering my home, doing laundry, surfing for employment etc etc. I take a moments’ break and surf FaceBook.

Now I don’t know about you but a while ago I already went through my friends list and looked at who I would follow in my feed and who I would simply add to a LIST to check on once in a while. I’ve done the same with companies and other topics of interests.  

I mean some things I want to see daily but the whining and complaining and negativity sometimes just gets to me. Talk about depression. Geez.

So today I am contemplating FaceBook in a deeper thought. Several years ago now we opted at home to give up our Satellite TV and don’t get me wrong we still have television but instead I put on a movie and watch it without being bombarded by the endless chatter and commercials and mindless junk that they throw at you. And you know what? I don’t miss it one bit. I’m thankful to have that time back to myself and my family.

FaceBook seems the same to me. It can be a great tool for communication and for staying up-dated on current events and more. But the endless and mindless chatter and negativity needs to be “turned off” at least minimized so that it’s not “in your face” when you log on and see your news feed.

I am glad that FaceBook came up with a new button that says “I want to see this FIRST” that way when I hop on and off for only a few moments I can see if there is anything that interests me being posted first. After all by the time I scroll waaayyy down the line I am out of time that I should be spending doing something more productive.

Anyway that’s my rant. I think it can be a very positive thing but I think too many people are wasting their lives away with utterly irrelevant things on FaceBook too. Of course all IMHO. :)