Dress Shopping for Shen Yun Theater Performance

Rosegal Online Shopping

For a special evening out like this one, who could help but go on a little spending spree for a new dress. After all I don’t do this type of an event every day and so I don’t think I should wear “everyday clothing”. The last time we went to the theater was several years ago now and that was for Phantom of the Opera! So its been a little while *smiles*

I really don’t like going shopping though, especially when I am in the market for something particular. I find that if I am casually looking around and happen to come upon something nice I usually pick it up but the stress of shopping for something in particular is just too much for me.

Dress Shopping Online

Rosegal Dress 1

Available in Peach, Pink and Black

My dress shopping of choice you ask? Why let me tell you, I prefer to shop online. It is safe and easy and if you become familiar with several shops then you know their sizing structure and materials you will know to order either larger or smaller and many will do exchange and returns so you just have to make sure you are shopping in advance so that your items arrive in time.

I hate mall shopping to begin with; crying kids, always too hot, never enough time, nagging sales people and so forth. So hey why not.

Where I like to shop

Rosegal Dress Shopping

V-neck, Low-cut, Lacey Cocktail Dress

When I think of specialty dresses, my store of choice is Rosegal. They always seem to have what I need at a price I can afford. Their sizing is laid out on charts so I’m able to view exactly what I’m looking for. Plus I usually read any customer reviews so I can see if I should adjust the sizing for example or sometimes there is insight that a particular style may not be as great as the picture shows. On top of all that, they offer free shipping worldwide. What more could one ask for?

So here I am again back to Rosegal.com searching from the convenience of my home for the perfect dress to wear out to Toronto to see the performance of Shen Yun.

I finally decided between a few dresses. Next time you are in need of a reasonably priced outfit have a look at Rosegal.com for all your shopping needs. They carry a wide selection of women and men’s wear, home decor and party supplies, swimming suits, jewelry, shoes, bags and beauty products; why heck they are basically a one-stop shop. Happy shopping!!

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