Dream Big: Visualization and Positive Imagery


Not sure if it helps or not, so I’m not exactly advocating visualization here.

plant1But you know what? I don’t care either. I certainly can’t hurt, right? I do know that surrounding myself with positive imagery, that I see daily, lifts my spirits and puts me in a good mood.

Now that can’t be all bad right? So hey, what the hell, it can’t hurt.

I’m not the only one whose ever noticed either. When our friends visit I will often get comments like, “I love all the positive little posts you have around the house.” I am glad that I made their day too.

So for me it’s really not about any particular end goal with my images but rather all about staying stress free and positive, relieving tension and anxiety.

When you are positive you feel like a million bucks and nothing can go wrong. You can accomplish anything you want and set your mind to. And that’s what I do every single day.

plant2Of course like everyone else I have my days where I feel blah, but watering my plants and staying focused usually helps. When that doesn’t I have my poor hubby to unload to when he comes home from work and I can always chat with my daughter too. Talking often helps to alleviate my blahs.

And guess what so does taking vitamin D daily. I take 8000 IU of vitamin D in a liquid format, especially in the winter when I don’t get much access to the sun here in Canada (ya, someday I’ll travel each winter to Mexico or the like) when I become location independent and can work from any ole beach 😉

owl_loveOne day I’ll write a post on both those topics: location independence and how I use supplements and natural foods to lift my spirits as they deserve their own posts and would take too much time to explain here.

But for now I hope you enjoyed this post on my images that I have throughout the house and the pictures I posted for your enjoyment.

Have a great day !!!

And let me know what you do daily to lift up your spirits. I’d love to hear from you. Cheers, Irene