Dirty Grandpa ~ Movie Review

Dirty Grandpa Movie Reivew

dirty_grandpaOK so the movie isn’t THE number one movie of the year but hey have you seen Robert Di Niro in his other movies and did you like his acting? I do. This movie has the comedy style much like Analyze This and Analyze That. It really did have me laughing in my seat a few times (unlike Daddy’s Home). I actually enjoyed how it even had a story line to it. It was heart felt about a guy that while employed with the government could not divulge to his own son who he really was nor did he have the time to spend with him. So now due to his own failures he decides to set things right by stopping his grandson from making some life long errors that he would later regret.

I’m actually sorry to see that many of the main review streams didn’t like this movie and actually went as far as saying, “One of the worst movies anyone has ever been in.” Too bad. Did they see the same movie I did? I wonder.

Yes there were some parts that were a little stupid. I wasn’t impressed by the two cops in it and the part they played. Portrayed as stupid and obviously bribed by locals and not doing anything within the law. And without giving away the entire movie, the ending (at the credits) is ya well dumb, dumb and dumb.

But both grandpa and grandson have a great time during their trip and it even shows him defendingĀ a gay guy against a gang of black guys. Then later after fighting these gang members befriends them and forgives and forgets. He seems to play a character that has learned to treat people as they deserve to be treated at the time of and not hold grudges beyond that. I loved that!

Any way as I said I hate giving away too much and start talking in spoilers. So go see this movie for yourself, you be the judge. My vote is that I truly enjoyed it for what it was, a great comedy with seriousness intertwined and a dash of stupid.

Then if you get a chance, report back. Let me know your thoughts.
Cheers, Irene