Daddy’s Home ~ Movie Review

Daddy's Home Movie Review

I was really in the mood for a good comedy and since of course our tickets were FREE there were a limited number of shows we could pick from to go and see. We had contemplated on seeing Sisters but some how this movie looked more entertaining. I do think this movie is light-hearted enough and has its funny moments but I guess I’m not really into this type of movie anymore. I need a good storyline. Without giving it all away the storyline was weak and between scenes it seemed to skip a lot
of detail allowing the viewer to simply make up their own mind. But for me the real downer in this movie is the overdone comedy style. Sighting¬†one example from the movie, there’s a moment when Will Ferrell shows off on his skateboard.
OK funny enough that you know the man hasn’t been on it in years and his gear is just awful but no he also has to head for the roof of the house, ok not bad enough, then how about we make that worse and make him collide with powerlines, not bad enough? Ya, we will have him fall down dead while a group of kids stand around deciding what to do as a lesson in life?? Lame. He’s dead at this point … do something.

Anyway of course he is revived but just a long, drawn out, supposed to be funny, scene that came across very badly to me. Let’s not forget that the ending (spoiler alert) lead us to believe there will be a Part 2 with the exact same story. Ugh, won’t be lining up to see this one! One fail was bad enough.

daddys homeDaddy’s Home¬†did not have us roaring in laughter as we expected. Instead we walked away with a mediocre feeling and a decision not to see this type of comedy again as it’s a waste of 1.5 hours that we will never get back in our lives.

The rest of my date-day with hubby was awesome though. And I enjoy spending every moment we can together. So for what it’s worth that made going to the movies fun.

Final thoughts: I wouldn’t recommend seeing Daddy’s Home.

What were your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.