Crisp chill in the fall air reminds us to clean our home and ourselves

I woke up a few days back to SNOW! Yup that clean fresh chill in the air, the turning colour of the leaves on the trees and frost forming on the windows. It reminded me that I finally had to give up my summer fun in the sun but it doesn’t need to end there …. It’s just time now to switch gears a little.

We’ve been selling off lots of our excess things. Basically, throughout the entire year 2016 but as of summer we stepped it up a notch and analyzed what else we could do.

Hubby and I finally tackled our biggest fear … the bedroom closet space. Yup that deep dark area where things accumulate over time. Things you hid before to keep them out of site and out of mind. As we slowly took clothing off hangers and emptied boxes and removed the bags from the floor we realized just how large our closet was. In fact we had both been complaining about not having enough hangers as of late and now we totally realized why this was so.

As I viewed my tops, skirts, pants, sweaters and more clothing; I began to realize that I had my very own shop in my closet. The sizing span alone was incredible. I still had size 2x and 3x clothing that I hadn’t fit into in some time now!! Then I had XL sizes and L that now looked baggy on me and I realized I had worn many of these items only once or twice. They were just too nice to throw out.

So I created some piles of clothing. Stuff I thought maybe my kids or their friends could use. Then posted some items for sale as lots and then two full size garbage bags went off to the donation bin. Yikes I could actually see the back wall of the closet behind the few articles of clothing I had left in there. My hubby found himself in a similar situation. Now though he didn’t quite have as much as I did he still came up with one entire garbage bag filled with only his stuff that we also donated.

Cleaning the closet gave us a real sense of accomplishment. It’s been on our minds now for a while. Dusting the floor and neatly hanging everything. Then putting a few boxes back with organized items seemed so much lighter on us. Literally our shoulders felt as though they had been lifted. We grew a few extra inches that day! *smiles*

We knew what we had and where it was. Some older clothing actually became “new to us” again as we had not worn them in so long. So perhaps instead of going out shopping with the change of seasons it’s time to give your own cupboards and closets a good cleaning. You’d be surprised at what you find and how much stuff actually accumulates in there over time.

With our bedroom clean, we felt the next tackle was ourselves. As in spring, summer and early fall we love taking long walks and going on hikes in the woods and such but now this weather is making it far too chilly for me. Guess I’m a warm weather type of girl.

So what to do?? There are only so many trips to the mall and the same stores in your area that you can make in any one week or month. Personally I’ve been trying to avoid them for sake of not spending money too. I’m all for exercise in malls, I’ve done it plenty of times but I wanted something more. Something a little different this time.

We decided together that we should focus on a cleanse. Not a body cleanse that was 2 or 3 weeks not that type of thing but more of a semi-permanent change that we would do over the course of the next few months. In September we started our journey slowly. Now it’s early November and it’s going good. Feeling great most days and not missing the sunshine quite as much.

I know, you’re asking right now, so what are you doing?? Well with the lack of sun for one we decided to re-purchase our Vitamin D3 with K2 liquid supplement that we put under our tongue. I always feel better in the sun and this vitamin helps a lot with this.

Next we began eating a lot more fruit, some of which we had stored in our freezer from fresh over the summer harvest. We are eating yogurt with blueberries and fresh homemade quark with homemade cranberry jam (cranberries are in season here now). We also use Phytoberries powder mix in a glass of water or juice daily. These antioxidants are cleaning us gently from the inside out and removing free radicles.

In addition I’ve started making homemade breakfast oatmeal with whole grains (not the stuff you microwave for a minute!) and dinners with barley and lentils. Mmm fibres and healthy gut. Amazing the relation between your gut health and brain.

We’ve just finished harvesting all our remaining foods and herbs from the outside. Preparing them all for long term storage and usage over the cold winter months ahead. Just getting back to nature and taking the time to make wholesome meals creates this feeling of pleasure within me. I feel good knowing I will eat good and my hubby will have healthy meals for lunch and not grab a burger or other awful take out food. I want him to live clean and eat clean and have the same opportunity I have cause I’m home and he goes out to work. I package teas for him like Green Tea, Chamomile, Fennel and Dandelion Root. He enjoys these while at work and at the end of the day we treat each other to one cup of coffee!! OK I do admit at times we will have 2 cups of coffee a day but that’s about our limit or we really do feel wired. Yet for us it doesn’t seem to matter when we drink it; it could be right before bed and not affect our sleep habits, we do however avoid this bad habit. Our last coffee in a day is usually around 4 or 5 pm.

Next I spent about a weeks time in our daughter’s old bedroom. Giving it a good cleaning and fixing up any wall cracks and holes. Then I purchased myself the same paint via a paint matching system at Walmart and since the paint I was buying was a mis-tint it cost me only $8 which painted the bedroom with two coats of paint & primer in one.

Chipping away at things little by little breaks down those big walls that we tend to build.

These walls make us feel enclosed and trapped. Our mind reacts by making us feel tired and sluggish. We don’t want to do anything. Then we get all cranky and upset and this of course leads to dis-ease. So we try not to wait until these walls get so big.

If you find that you can’t tackle things daily, don’t worry, don’t fret! Tackle one piece today. Tomorrow something else. Sooner or later the entire job will get done. Once you feel good you move on to the next piece and the next. Taking one step at a time and eventually the wall comes crumbling down.

You will find that you are feeling lifted way up. You personally feel better, your house gets cleaner and lighter and brighter. With organization comes clarity. Clear minds make for healthy bodies.

So what are you waiting for? Start something today. Take that first step. Babies learn to crawl before they walk and you once did too!

Clean your home and your body. Feel less stressed, less anxiety, less depressed. Feel like a million!!

Remember a good way to hit the reset button is to clean your home and yourself with the change of each season. Four times a year just like your furnace filter! This is good maintenance and a general feel good approach that will have you feeling as if spring was in the air once again.