Chiang Mai, Thailand ~ Bucket List

Status Update

I’ve been dreaming of Chiang Mai for some time now. I may even want to retire there some day but first I would love to make a trip and go visit and live amongst the locals. See the beautiful temples and fantastic looking jungles, just makes me feel alive to even think about it.

The only thing stopping me (and hubby) from making such a move or even to book an extended trip basically boils down to making an income while on the road. We have both had several successful businesses but unfortunately there was always some aspect that tied us down to being in our home town or actually at home.

So this time NO MORE OF THAT. We are striving to become location independent digital nomads. Ensuring that whether we are at a beach in Mexico or the jungle of Chiang Mai or in the streets of Netherland or backpacking through Asia; we want to take our work on the road with us while we go “Round the World” RTW.

Your support is as always, greatly appreciated.


So visit my Fiverr account and if there is any Administrative Task you need accomplished, like proofreading, creating blog posts, data entry, you name it. Then please consider using my services. I always offer a 100% guarantee! Zero risk to you in trying out my services to you.

I look forward to helping you on your next project and in the process making a life long dream of mine come true.

Many thanks Irene