Charging for Shopping Bags Another Modern-day Scam?

Charging for Shopping Bags

I had heard it was coming. Apparently the date at our Walmart store was May 16th. Gee, I gather when I was over the weekend, I completely missed it or I was charged and didn’t notice. But today Walmart was charging me .05 cents per bag! I was just a little miffed about it myself.

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9 Tips to Declutter Your Home Office


A time to declutter. Excess clutter can really influence the way you think and work both physically and psychologically. You will find your stress and anxiety levels increase as you become more flustered with all the excess clutter around you. You feel as though you are buried in mounds of stuff and can see no end to it all. Those days result in being very unproductive and often self-defeating.

If you’re too disorganized in your home office, everything competes for your attention and makes it hard for you to work and achieve a meaningful success. The simplicity of your home office can also demonstrate the level of your professionalism when a client enters into your office.

So how can you get started? Use these 9 Tips to declutter, organize, re-arrange and create a workspace that is inviting and stress-free.

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How to Reduce Clutter in the Kitchen 


The kitchen is one of those rooms in a house where we find ourselves spending a lot of time. Making your kitchen a more inviting place to be is therefore key. After all if you come home from a hard day at work, the last place you want to be is somewhere you feel even more stressed out.

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The Simplistic Kitchen


Have you ever noticed that your kitchen has multiple small appliances in it that all can accomplish the same task? How can you decide what to keep and what to discard?

It’s actually a fairly simple task once you get the hang of it.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you may already own.

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January ~ How to Simplify


So I must admit that usually I don’t “get in the mood” to do a clean up session until spring hits … I guess that’s why they call it Spring Cleaning. This year though we’ve set our minds on simplifying the things we have in this house that have gathered over the years. Going through cupboards and closets and rooms, one by one. What’s making things a little easier is that our youngest child moves out this year and does need things to set up house for the first time. So it also helps her in saving money by not having to purchase the things that we have in excess here already. 

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