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Humble Paleo Roasted Chicken


This awesome recipe can be replicated for a whole chicken but more often than not, we prefer the chicken legs and sometimes with backs attached. This Paleo friendly recipe for roasted chicken legs does have some spice but it’s not overly spicy so it is also great for the kids as well. You will find this recipe expanding your palette beyond the basic spices of salt, pepper and basic herbs. The tastes will all melt in your mouth. Let’s thank The Paleo Way for this wonderful recipe and get started!

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Fresh Baked Psyllium Husk Bread


Oh my, if you love fresh baked bread like I do, especially one made from seeds, then you’ve got to give this recipe a try today, I did! Umm yummy. Psyllium husk bread is delicious, very easy to make and so good for you too. This amazing recipe brought to you by the SimpleCookingChannel is Paleo friendly and is completely flour and sugar free.

Psyllium is a natural form of fiber from the Plantago ovata plant, specifically from the husks of the plant’s seed. Most commonly it is known as a bulk-forming laxative ingredient; psyllium provides benefits to your body such as fighting heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, bowel disease and so much more. Everyone could use a little more Psyllium in their diet, so let’s get cooking!!

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Grab ‘n’ Go Paleo Omelette Muffins


So easy to make and even prepare in advance, so you can just Grab n Go.

When time is limited these Paleo Omelette Muffins sure do come in handy. This recipe makes 8 healthy muffins. You may even want to experiment with different ingredients such as using broccoli, kale, carrots and zucchini. For meat alternatives give turkey or chicken pieces a try, turkey bacon, you could even try ground meats.

Make up a batch or two and be sure to put them in your fridge or freezer for breakfasts all week long. This awesome recipe freezes and reheats really well. Thanks to Allrecipes for this yummy breakfast solution.

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Healthy and Delicious Paleo Oxtail Soup


Unusual cuts of meat like liver, kidney, feet, tongue, cost less than desirable cuts; thereby saving you quite a bit of money, oxtail is no different.

Great if you are living frugally and watching your budget but as an added bonus not only are these parts absolutely delicious and have complex flavors that allow you to expand your palette but they are also jam packed with important vitamins and minerals, far beyond what you might find in a chicken breast.

Using these parts ensures no part of an animal goes to waste. This healthy and delicious Paleo oxtail soup is brought to you by The Manly Green.

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Easy, Healthy Sushi Rolls

sushi rolls

If you love sushi rolls like I do then you have to give these a try. Simple and easy recipe that’s also good for you. Brought to you by FITnancials.

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