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A sad day — June 23, 2016

Status Update

Since my dad’s passing in June, I haven’t been blogging at all and I’m  hardly on my social networks.

imageI can however tell you all this much … It’s really hitting home how important it is to be healthy, live debt free and to simplify!!

We foresee many radical changes in our future and have been simplifying by selling off many of our “things” and giving stuff away that keep us entangled in our current lifestyle.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Dress Shopping for Shen Yun Theater Performance

Rosegal Online Shopping

For a special evening out like this one, who could help but go on a little spending spree for a new dress. After all I don’t do this type of an event every day and so I don’t think I should wear “everyday clothing”. The last time we went to the theater was several years ago now and that was for Phantom of the Opera! So its been a little while *smiles*

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Shen Yun Theatre Double Date in Toronto

Shen Yun Live Theater Performance

I’ve been planning this date to see Shen Yun live for some time now; actually since the summer of 2015 when I first heard of this performance coming to the Toronto area. I placed myself on a waiting list for tickets to be announced and was first in line to capture some great seating. Contacted some amazing friends and even made it a double date for a night out in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What a day this will be!! Our performance is scheduled at the Sony Centre for 2 PM on Saturday April 23rd.

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Helping Everyone Move & We Are Empty Nesters!

Status Update

Wow what a busy past few weeks. It seems every time I am quiet on the blog and socially it’s because we are swamped with things happening in our personal lives.

Oh well, I’ve given up on the “you must have XX blog posts per day/week etc” and the “you must do this to make ensure your readers stay with you” … sorry but I will try and post when I can. It is just that simple. I’m a bit of a rebel anyway and never did like following the “rules“!  Yes, I feel guilty for not getting more blog posts out to you and believe me that it is not for the lack of having things to say or any “writers block”.

My head often swarms with too many ideas, so much so, that I wake up in the middle of the night and start writing myself notes on the up and coming material. If I didn’t do this I would not be able to get to sleep at night.

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Hectic Days & Nights

Status Update

I feel as if I’ve been ignoring my own blog while I am busy helping others with theirs, so please forgive me on this I promise to have more posts for you to read shortly. I know many of you are looking for a work/life balance but when you are self-employed often there is a work for others/work for yourself balance that needs to be met as well.

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