Depressed and anxious? Try these fall supplements see how you fair then

With winter on the way, cold and flu season among us, depression and anxiety aren’t far behind. Myself, I am affected by S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder. Supplements can help you cope all year long, you just need to change them up with the seasons.

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Crisp chill in the fall air reminds us to clean our home and ourselves

I woke up a few days back to SNOW! Yup that clean fresh chill in the air, the turning colour of the leaves on the trees and frost forming on the windows. It reminded me that I finally had to give up my summer fun in the sun but it doesn’t need to end there …. It’s just time now to switch gears a little.

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UPDATE: Bye bye summer and 62.5% debt

The summer months have come and gone and so is more than half of our initial debt. What a wild ride the first half of this year has been. So many changes; some good and some not so good. Generally though things are looking up in our homestead.

We managed to clear house by giving away many things to our kids who needed them in their homes and what they could not use we started to list for sale on yard sale groups, kijiji and had a few of our own yard sales too. The income we generated from the sales we immediately applied to our credit card debt. It’s amazing how quickly a few extra dollars adds up. Paying down the debt too, dropped our monthly interest since credit card interest is always calculated on a daily basis. So the sooner you apply money towards it, the less interest it will accrue.

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A sad day — June 23, 2016

Status Update

Since my dad’s passing in June, I haven’t been blogging at all and I’m  hardly on my social networks.

imageI can however tell you all this much … It’s really hitting home how important it is to be healthy, live debt free and to simplify!!

We foresee many radical changes in our future and have been simplifying by selling off many of our “things” and giving stuff away that keep us entangled in our current lifestyle.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Work Life Balance: If your work is not life, why should you do it?

work life balance

I find it quite interesting that everyone looks at work and life as being two very distinct and separate entities. I don’t think I could agree with this at all. A work life balance shouldn’t be about prioritizing one over the other. They should come together and blend synergistically. Working together as one.

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