Beginners Tips to Making Money at Home

money at home

Today I will discuss some very basic ways that you can make money at home starting today. No get rich quit scams and they will still take time and you won’t make millions but you will start learning some of the most basic ways in which you can earn some extra pocket cash for yourself.

Some people have gone as far as taking these very same ideas to the next level and turning them into a full time income for them. Try them out and see what you think. Is it for you? Could you do this all the time? Do you enjoy doing this?

The best place to begin is by having a look around the house. What do you have standing around that you no longer need or want? Rather than throwing it out why not turn this into extra cash for yourself?

yard sale

Online Yard Sales 24/7

Some examples might include clothing that the kids have outgrown, old hockey equipment, books you’ve read (or haven’t), nick nacks collecting dust, dishes and cooking sheets. I am fairly sure that going through room by room you will find lots of odds and ends. Not only will this clean up help lead you to a more minimalistic lifestyle by getting rid of the excess stuff but it will make your home more welcoming without all the clutter. And the nice part is…put money in your pocket.

So now that you’ve located about 20 or more items. You need to do two things. One is take pictures, either with a cell phone or digital camera. Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially when trying to sell used items. Everyone wants to “see” what it looks like since they can’t physically touch them. The second thing you need to do is go online and search FaceBook for garage sale and yard sale groups within your area or about an hours drive since that about how far someone will travel to purchase your item. (*If you don’t have a FaceBook account or don’t know how to join Groups, message me or stay tuned for upcoming articles)

Facebook-GroupsEach group will have their own rules. Some say not more than one photo unless you post the additional images in your comment section. Some will also mention how often you can *bump an item to make it more noticeable by the group members. Create your post with a good description providing as much detail as possible to answer all questions you might think of, be sure to post a reasonable price and location for pick up. Continue doing this for each item you have.

Besides selling online if it is nice weather where you are you can always opt to have a yard sale outside. Put up signs down the street and set up your tables. Usually Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the best days for this as during the week you may get a few passers by but not as many as weekends. Long weekends are also especially great for yard sales outside as many people go to and from cottages and get out of town.


Babysitting or Childcare

Next you may want to think about what skills you have or what it is you enjoy doing? Do you love children? Why not put up signs in the local grocery stores and in the schools telling mothers that you offer babysitting or childcare. Since you are new in the area be sure your prices are competitive but do not undercut those who have been offering these same services for years.

nail servicesPerhaps you have skills in applying nail polish or hair colour. Do you have any salon or spa type experience? Remember this experience can be self-taught since you are your own boss and won’t be asking for schooling qualifications. Your options with this may include offering these services from your home and build clientele this way. You may also offer to go to your clients houses or apartments. There are plenty of elderly or infirm that can not travel outside their homes and still enjoy being pampered. The same goes for offering massage services. Again either from your home or at theirs.

By the way, I know I’ve been asked before what about Avon, Regal or any other products ie health related and such. Is this a good avenue for making money at home? Here’s my honest truth and humble opinion. NO definitely not! Why? Because it’s been done before a million times and likely there are several other folks in your area doing exactly that. You are building a business for someone else making only a small percentage for all your work. So again NO. If you are planning to make a decent buck from home then do it your way. No tea sales, no Avon products, no Tupperware parties.


Transcription or Resume Writing Services

You can take this all one step further and analyze your skill set that you trained for in school and may even have worked at during some point. Were you a secretary or assistant? Did you do transcription? Look at what you did closely and think about offering these same services to the local businesses in town. You can start by putting up flyers, joining groups on Facebook within your area, you could post an ad on Kiji or even set up your Gigs on fiverr. There are many ways to reach potential clients. You might go as far as contacting the last place of work or former coworkers letting them know what your intentions are and finding out if they need your services on a part time basis.

Here is one final tip I will leave you with today. While all these ideas are good and I’m sure you will think of others, if you are serious about making money at home you might not want to put all eggs in one basket. Try several ideas at once. Open up multiple revenue streams for yourself. You may find one week that you make $50 from yard sales while next week you make $20 from a resume you wrote for a friend. The ideas and combinations are endless. I hope I given you some food for thought to get you going.

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