8 Resources to Make Money Online (Yes, I am a real person)

resources to make money online

I know so many of you¬†are seeking answers and solutions. Weeding through the many scams and “get rich quick schemes” you are finding. Below you have¬†8 great, real resources to get you started right now. I do understand your agony. When¬†I started as a freelancer many years ago, it wasn’t easy then and it is certainly no different now, unless you know where to look to find “real information“. Let me assure you, there are plenty of “real live individuals” like myself who ARE¬†working from home and online¬†this very instance. It CAN be done, by you and anyone else too.

Personally, I have¬†freelanced for about 15 years in total; at points in my life I returned back to the corporate workforce, only to realize that it just isn’t for me. It never allowed me the freedom to be with my family, to be creative and to do what I wanted, when I wanted. As a freelancer, I feel responsible for my own successes and my own failures.

For some, working online has even become a full time career.

It was late 2015,¬†that I once again said to myself, Screw the Cubicle for Good ¬†and I picked myself up and started all over again!! So no matter what your situation, or if you feel safer staying employed while you start on your journey to self-employment, there are no right or wrong answers! It’s whatever works for you and how you feel and can manage your finances and lifestyle at any given time. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done, because it can, YOU CAN!!

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As I offer to you, no-BS insights on how you can earn extra money, save money in your current situation, pay off your debts and find that inner peace that we all strive for.

#1: Resources to Sell or Buy Services & Products

Offer your skills on Fiverr (and/or sign up and get something done for your business like a logo, website, or have¬†articles written for your blog) You don’t have to know it all and you can be both a seller and a buyer at the same time!! Use the¬†money earned through fiverr to purchase the services you need today.

Resource: Using Fiverr to get started

#2: Find New Clients or Ship Sales

If you plan to open a shop or sell online or maybe even find clients the old fashioned way by sending out flyers, be sure to visit Canada Post for great rates on all your needs.

Resource: Use Canada Post to your advantage

#3: Upgrade or Expand Your Skills РResources for Distance Learning

Perhaps you feel you are lacking the knowledge or would like to expand your skill set. Then this is the perfect link for you to all your learning needs. At Udemy you can find courses completely FREE¬†! You just have to filter your search for pricing options and you can even find online coupon codes to use. So what are you waiting for? There are no more excuses. Knowledge is Power!! I have several courses I’m currently planning to attend myself. You have to keep learning to be able to teach others what you know. (see article on Best Udemy Courses for Freelancers, Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs)

Resource to further your career!   Udemy Distance Learning Resources   Top Courses in Office Productivity 728x90

#4: Resources to 125 Books from $0 to $5

Another great way to learn more is to READ, READ and read some more. With Kobo reader you can¬†view and download over 4 million eBooks in dozens of categories ‚Äď all at your fingertips. A quick search on “Make¬†Money Online” reveals 125 results in the price range from FREE to $10 !! Plus a sign up bonus of $5 credit, you now have 125 books for under $5 !


kobo reader resources

Link to Kobo Reader


resources to great kobo-books

Make Money Online ~ Kobo Books $0 – $10


#5: Two Great Resources to Build Your Own Website

Although there are many ways to offer your products or services by guest blogging, posting content to¬†LinkedIn, creating a FaceBook fan page, email marketing and more; sooner or later (and I suggest sooner) you will want … no you will¬†NEED to set up your very own website. Finding your hosting provider will be your first step.

It really isn’t as hard as it sounds.¬†Below are two resources to hosting service providers offering great rates to NEWBIES just like you!

Simply put, purchase a domain name (www.XYZ.com) and get yourself a hosting service provider. Install a WordPress theme (many are absolutely FREE or at minimal charge) and build your website.  Some providers offer a FREE domain name with your purchase! Just follow one or both of these links and decide which is most suitable for your needs.

resources to obtain website hosting

resources to obtain hosting from Bluehost

#6: Great Resources for Stock Photography

No matter if you are creating a flyer or writing articles for yourself or someone else, sooner or later we all need photos! Good quality stock photos that can be used anywhere at all. Be sure to visit 500 PX for all your photography needs. I highly recommend them!


#7: Make Money from your Website РResources for Affiliate Marketing

Already have a blog and looking to monetize? Maybe you would like to create an affiliate program for your own products or services. For more information on what affiliate marketing is, just follow this link.

LinkShare, is one of the biggest affiliate services provider for e-commerce and online businesses all around the world. They are currently known as Rakuten Affiliate Network and they have been voted as the best affiliate network for 3 consecutive years. What better way to boost your online business with this great affiliate program!

Resources for affiliate marketing

Since not all affiliates are listed on a single website, here is another affiliate program to help you monetize the content on your blog. ShareASale has been in business for 16 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network.

ShareASale affiliates use their site to find products to promote, and earn commission for referrals on those products. Affiliates use their own website, blogs, PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, RSS and email, as well as a number of other means.

Resources to Monetize Your Website

#8: Earn Money Everyday Just from Groceries

All this sound a little complicated? Or at minimum you need to think what you’d like to do first? Then here’s THE¬†simplest way of all to earn extra cash right now¬†and SAVE money on groceries as well as¬†other products.

Each month I receive¬†a cheque of at least $20 mailed to me depending on my shopping habits. All you have to do is download and install the FREE CheckOut 51 app on your smartphone right now! Just click on the image link I’ve provided for you below.

How simple is that for a few extra dollars? Every penny saved and earned is a dollar you can use for whatever you like!! How does that sound for FREEDOM??


Resources to Earn Money from Grocery Shopping