2016 Accountablity

What are you accountable for?

I find the only way to stay accountable is to publicly proclaim what your intentions are, otherwise if you hold it to yourself, you will find it far too easy to compromise. So here are my 2016 actions of accountability.

My personal focus stays right in line with my own blog as well as you notice the recurring theme here boils down to 3 simple words to remember…. Debt ~ Health ~ Simplicity !!

2016 Accountability

  1. continue to eat healthy small portions
  2. continue with vitamin/mineral supplements
  3. de-clutter material excess stuff (sell/give away/toss)
  4. step up the exercise using weights and resistance
  5. quit smoking (yup another biggie) go to vaping then cut down
  6. clear Credit Card debt
  7. seek new employment opportunities (incl. side projects)