10 +1 Tips to Cut your Household Expenses

budget tips

I am sure that if you think about it some more you will be able to find many ways to cut your household budget. Even if it is just by a little bit here and there but every penny counts right? So let’s get started with these few tips right now.

1. eating out

Take a look at how often you and your family are eating out and when you are doing it. For instance do you eat out when you go to work during lunch hours, or each evening after work? I am sure that there are several meals each week that you can prepare at home to save a few dollars. You’d be surprised how this adds up and how much healthier it can be for you.

2. lights in your house: LED lights

Some bulbs cost a lot more in energy usage than others do. Some are also not good for our health. One of the best I’ve found to date is to switch bulbs in rooms you often use to LED lighting. It costs fractions of a regular use bulb and last for many years, saving you in having to repurchase the bulb too.

3. heating and air conditioning secrets

Turning your heating and air conditioning down by only a few degrees can save quite a bit on next months hydro bill. You might also want to pull out the sweaters or loose the extra clothing during summer months. Dressing appropriately will keep you both warm and cool without an increase in the bill.

4. analyze your bills

Which bills are you paying way to much for and is it necessary? You may find that you have too many subscriptions for magazines or newsletters coming to your home that you never have time to read. Cancel the subscriptions and instead read the articles online for FREE. Check your insurance rates and mortgage etc see if you qualify for a better rate. Call cell phone and land line companies, threaten to leave their service and you’d be surprised how quickly they can find you a “valued customer rate”.


5. extracurricular activities

We all love going out and doing things but these also have to be within limits. There are alternatives to paying high fees. Why not make a pact to limit yourself to one paid and one free activity per year.

6. shop the sales

I’m forever shopping the sales. Even when I go out for groceries. If I find a good deal on an item I try to stock up, so when prices rise later I have a few extra to last me until the next sale. Try to purchase from stores that will price match. Many of them now do. Research what you are looking for before you leave the house and then go to the store with the cheaper price in hand.

7. purchase in bulk

If at all possible purchase in bulk. This is especially easy for groceries which are pantry items. So when Campbell’s Soup goes on sale at 44 cents a can, stock up by buying in bulk. Similarly some articles of clothing as socks and undies can often be purchased this way.

8. cut out cable & NetFlix subscriptions

We cut our satellite years ago and it was the best decision ever. Not only are we saving money each month but we also a) sit down and watch what we want when we want b) we also spend more quality time doing other things including talking to one another and NOT being glued to the TV

9. cancel subscriptions to newspapers & magazines

I’ve touched upon this earlier but we found we had several magazines coming to the house each month that eventually we had no time to read. And when we did we were only interested in one or two of the articles. So why did we have all these collectibles? I’ll tell you why, cause they started a pretty damn good campfire. That’s why!

10. D.I.Y.

Do it yourself projects are not only fun and can make you feel really accomplished but will save you lots of money. With the help of Google and YouTube you can research how almost anything is done without ever having to leave your home. So why not give your next project a try by yourself. If it really doesn’t work out you can still decide later to higher a professional.

11. work with friends and family

This is one that pulls everyone together and you will also gain the experience from those who have it. Several times we have helped friends build a front deck or put up drywall. Then they’ve come to our rescue in helping put down flooring. It’s amazing what you can do when you pull together. Then when all is said and down you can sit down to a wonderful BBQ and beers which is a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor.

How many more ways can you think to cut your household budget?

Which ones have you already tried?

I’d love to hear from you.