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Welcome to Debt ~ Health ~ Simplicity. My name is Irene Haidner and I’ll be your host in my little digital home. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as we discuss what matters most ! We weren’t meant to PAY BILLS and DIE. There’s much more to life than that … so Let’s Live It, together !


This blog was recreated to find focus and accountability in the areas of debt, health and simplicity. I’m almost 50 years now {yup, the big five-o is around the corner} and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

My wish is to create a community of like-minded individuals on a similar path to my own. I’d like to share my experiences and knowledge with you and hopefully bring you from A to B in a much shorter time.

Before I continue I’d like to point out the use of the word “I” as this is my blog; however, “we” is also used interchangeably since technically there are two of us going through these very same experiences together for over thirty years now.

The “we” I refer to is my life-long friend, partner and husband Geary LeBell; without whom I don’t think I would have come this far. I love him to pieces. xoxo

BECOMING DEBT FREE @ Debt Health Simplicity

In a not-so-distant time we were once in debt for over $80,000 and I must shamefully admit it wasn’t the first time either. The first time we were in debt for about $60,000 and took an easier route out by claiming bankruptcy.

You would think that we would have learned from our first mistake but we thought “our new debt” was for all the “right” reasons and some of it just crept up on us, seemingly out of no where at all.

Thankfully, January 2016, we are now down to $8,000 owing in debt repayment and we can’t wait to be completely debt free (except for a mortgage, and that will be next).

I will show you how you too can earn extra cash part-time or become a self-employed full-time entrepreneur all while working online from the comfort of your own home. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’ve said, “Screw The Cubicle for Good“!


I am going to say that this is probably my strongest suite of the 3 aspects; debt, health, simplicity; as I’ve always been a health nut starting when I was a young teenager.

However, I’ll be the first to admit that I/we faltered in this category too when the children came along. No, it wasn’t their fault. I take full responsibility in all my actions. For more info take a peek at “Let’s Get You Up to Speed” for my journey from those teenaged years to present.

Just recently we became Empty Nesters as well which is a bit of an adjustment for us; cooking and shopping for only two.  😉

I’m very delighted to say that “we” are both back on track once again with our commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle. After all, we have only one physical body and it demands our support to be Aging Healthy Beyond 100! As that is fully my intention.

EMBRACING SIMPLICITY @ Debt Health Simplicity

Minimalism is the most recent aspect within the triad of debt, health and simplicity. We decided as the kids were starting to slowly leave us, that scaling down wherever we could made life a little simpler. Easier to clean and take care of the home and gave us a feeling of “lightness”. De-cluttering and getting rid of excess stuff reduces the stress and anxiety that one feels when surrounded by mounds of technically useless things.

Simplicity is NOT about doing or going without, in fact it is more about doing it with LESS and living within your own means. Not having what the Joneses have but doing what matters most for you !

Since we’ve started this journey I’ve written a few blog posts; “January — How to Simplify“, “The Simplistic Kitchen“, “How to Reduce Clutter in the Kitchen“, and of course because this was of major benefit to me in my working environment; “9 Tips to Declutter Your Home Office“. I hope you enjoy these and the many more articles I intend to post on the subject.

In total so far I would say that we’ve managed to sell, donate, give to the kids and toss about 70-80% of our excess stuff and I can’t say that I’ve missed any of it. In fact if anything I’ve been able to locate items I need a whole lot quicker now. *smiles*

As a result of the sales we even managed to increase our debt repayment. We find ourselves saving money by not making purchases we don’t need and having more time for new experiences rather than wasting our time cleaning or searching every day.

All in all we are leading happier lives now and have no intention to return.



PAYING OFF DEBT reduces anxiety & depression; creating a happier you ! SAVE where you can ~ SPEND if you must ! Make more money.

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Aging Healthy Beyond 100 ! It's not about diets, the next fad & 30 day challenges; it's a commitment to an every day Healthy Lifestyle.

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A lifestyle minimalistic in nature. Getting rid of excess stuff & reducing clutter. Don't do without ... just with LESS !

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